Doctrines of Grace

This is a brief series of 30 sermons on the doctrines of grace, or the Five points of Calvinism, preached in the morning in 2008 entitled the Triumph of Grace. These sermons are both doctrinal and practical, and are designed not only to magnify the sovereignty of God’s grace in salvation, but show the practical implications of the doctrines of grace for the Christian life. The Five points of Calvinism including, (1. Total Depravity, 2. Unconditional Election. 2. Limited Atonement. 4. Irresistible Grace. and 5. The Perseverance of the Saints) are truly the theological foundations of the Christian Faith, the engine of Biblical Reformation, and the inspiration for a godly Christian life.

  1. The Doctrines of Grace: An Introduction, Eph.1:3-14
  2. Total Depravity, Eph.2:1-3
  3. Sinners in Bondage and Unable to Save Themselves, Eph.2:1-10
  4. Evidences of Depravity, Rom.3:20
  5. Chosen by God: The Biblical Doctrine of Election, Eph.1:4
  6. Scriptural Expressions for Divine Election, Eph.1:4
  7. The Glory of Christ in Election, 1 Pet.2:4-6
  8. Election and the Christian Life:Practical Implications of the Doctrine of Election, Rom.8:28-39
  9. God’s Election and the Salvation of Covenant Children, Acts 2:39
  10. The Virtue and Efficacy of Christ’s Death, Mt.27:45-54
  11. Reasons for Christ’s Suffering and Death on the Cross, Luke 24:25-26
  12. Christ Crucified:The Biblical Doctrine of the Atonement, Rom.5:10-11
  13. Ashamed of the Cross: False Views of the Atonement, 1 Cor.1:17-18
  14. Life from the Cross: The Benefits of Christ’s Atonement, Rom.8:32
  15. Vital Lessons from the Cross of Christ: How the Cross of Christ teaches us How to Live for God, 1 Pet.2:21
  16. A Ransom for Many: In Defense of the Doctrine Limited Atonement, Mt.20:28
  17. Christ Gave Himself for Us: Practical Implications of Definite Atonement, Eph.5:2
  18. Jesus Christ the Savior of the World: The Universal Implications of Christ’s Atonement, 1 Jn.4:14
  19. Near and Dear to God: The Blessings of Being Reconciled to God, Eph.2:13
  20. God’s Saving Grace: Biblical Foundations of the Grace of God, Eph.2:1-10
  21. Irresistible Grace: The Sovereignty of Grace in Salvation, Eph.2:4-5
  22. Irresistible Grace in the Old Testament, Gen.6:8
  23. Irresistible Grace in the New Testament, 1 Tim.1:14
  24. The Marks of True Grace, Matthew 7:16
  25. The Saint’s Perseverance, Psalm 84:11
  26. The Work of Grace Complete, Phil.1:6
  27. A Life of Persevering Faith, John 8:31-32
  28. The Saint’s Perseverance through the Darkness, Isaiah 50:10
  29. Working Out Your Salvation, Phil.2:12-13
  30. God’s Saving Love in the Perseverance of the Saints, Romans 8:28-30