The Five Solas

This is a series of 50 sermons on the Five Solas of the Reformation entitled Living for God’s Glory. It was preached in the morning between 2007-2009. The sermons are both theological and devotional being designed to confirm believers in the essential doctrinal foundations of the Reformed Faith: 1. Scripture Alone. 2. Christ Alone. 3. Grace Alone. 4. Faith Alone. 5. The Glory of God Alone.

  1. A God Centered Life, 1 Cor.10:30-31 INTRODUCTION
  2. The Five Solas of the Reformation: An Introduction to the First Principle of a Godly Life, 1 Cor.6:20
  3. Knowing God: The Foundations of a Godly Christian Life, John 17:3
  4. Reformation to the Glory of God, Lev.26:1-26
  5. Reformation in All Things, 2 Cor.10:5
  6. A Sound Confession of Faith, Mt.10:32-33
  7. Holding Fast to a Reformed Confession, 2 Tim.1:12-13
  8. Catechize Your Children in the Lord, Eph.6:4
  9. The Glory of God: The Heart of Scripture and the Purpose of God in History, Rom.11:36
  10. The Sovereignty of God, Rom.11:33-36
  11. Living by Faith in God’s Sovereignty, Rom.11:33-36
  12. The Perfections of Holy Scripture, John 17:17 NEW SERIES: SCRIPTURE ALONE
  13. The Sufficiency of Holy Scripture, 2 Tim.3:15-17
  14. The Word of God and the Work of Reformation, 2 Tim.3:15-17
  15. Christ Alone the Savior, John 14:6 NEW SERIES: CHRIST ALONE
  16. Jesus Christ the Perfect Savior, Heb.2:10
  17. Jesus Christ, an All-Sufficient Savior
  18. Saved by Grace Alone, Eph.2:8-9 NEW SERIES: GRACE ALONE
  19. The Order of Grace in the Golden Chain of Salvation, Rom.8:28-29
  20. Grace All-Sufficient: God’s Grace Sufficient for All Occasions, 2 Cor.12:9
  21. The Danger of Cheap Grace from a False Gospel, Jude 3-4
  22. The Grace of Christ’s Appearing, Tit.2:11-15
  23. Weak Grace Victorious, Matthew 12:20
  24. Communion in the Grace of Christ, 2 Cor.13:14
  25. Rejoicing in the Grace of God, Eph.1:7-8
  26. On Rebuke and Grace, Psalm 141:5
  27. Built Up by Grace: The Means of Grace and Growing in the Christian Life, Acts 20;32
  28. The Blessings of Saving Grace, Rom.5:1-5
  29. Faith Alone in Christ, Gal.3:22 NEW SERIES: FAITH ALONE
  30. Justified be Faith Alone, Rom.3:21-26
  31. Justification by Faith Alone Vindicated, Rom.3:21-26
  32. Saving Faith: The Nature and Properties of Justifying Faith, Rom.3:21-26
  33. The Trial of True Faith, Gal.2:19-21
  34. The Life of Faith, Gal.3:11
  35. The Growth of Faith, 2 Thess.1:3
  36. The Triumph of Faith, Rom.8:37
  37. To God Alone be the Glory: Reasons to Live for God’s Glory, Rom.11:33-36 NEW SERIES: GOD’S GLORY ALONE
  38. How to Glorify God, 1 Cor.10:31
  39. How to Glorify God in Your Relationships, 1 Cor.10:31
  40. Glorifying God in Communion, Luke 22:14-23
  41. The Call to Glorify God, Psalm 86
  42. Putting God First in Your Life, Deut.6:1-9
  43. The Profit of Glorifying God, John 12:26-27
  44. Singing Praise to the Glory of God, Eph.5:18-20
  45. Glory to God in the End, Rev.1:4-8
  46. Give Glory to God or Else! Rev.14:7
  47. How to Glorify God in Your Trials, 1 Pet.4:12-19
  48. Glorifying God in Your Family, Joshua 24:15
  49. Glorying in the Cross: A Life of Glorifying God, Gal.6:14
  50. Glorifying God in Our Prayers, Mt.6:9