Apologetics to the Glory of God

This is a series of Puritan style sermon/lectures on Apologetics that are derived from a larger study of the First Commandment from Mt.22:37-38. It is designed to equip Christians, as well as pastors and Christian leaders, to better defend the Gospel in the world against the growing onslaught of Atheism, Secularism, Cults, False Religions, and deviant forms of Christianity. I strongly believe that the best defense of the Gospel is the faithful preaching of the Gospel. And while philosophical and theological apologetics have their place, the church and Seminaries have been corrupted in the past by misguided views of Apologetics that are heavily influenced by false doctrine. This is actually the first part of a four-part book containing a comprehensive work on Reformed apologetics. My work in apologetics is a combination of Westminster Puritan Theology, Van-Til presuppositionalism, and my own study and work over the years in the field of Biblical scholarship.

  1. Apologetics and the First Commandment
  2. Confessing Christ
  3. A Faithful Witness for Christ
  4. The Urgent Need for a Biblical and Puritan Apologetic
  5. Ready to Give a Defense
  6. Reasons for Defending the Faith
  7. First Principles in Defending the Faith
  8. The Great Value of Learning Apologetics
  9. Obstacles to Defending the Faith
  10. The Sufficiency of Scripture for Apologetics
  11. The Problem with Classical Apologetics
  12. The Myth of Neutrality
  13. Beware of Philosophy
  14. The Idolatry of Natural Theology
  15. The Danger of a Weak Defense and the Destructive Influence of Classical Apologetics
  16. Total Depravity: The Barrier to Saving Faith in Christ
  17. Sinners in Bondage and Unable to Save Themselves
  18. Apologetics and the Law of God
  19. The Apologetics of Christian Love
  20. An Apologetical Armory for the Faithful Christian  Warrior
  21. Christ Central to Apologetics
  22. Christ the True and Only Savior
  23. Christ the Key to Academy and the Search for Wisdom
  24. Apologetics and the Ministry of the Gospel
  25. Apologetics and the Preaching of the Gospel
  26. The Apologetics of Christ’s Saving Mission
  27. The Apologetics of Saving Faith
  28. Apologetics and the Transforming Power of the Gospel
  29. Apologetics and the Virtue of Knowing Christ
  30. Apologetics in an Age of Darkness
  31. Defending the Gospel in an Age of Apostasy
  32. The Apologetical Preaching of Jesus Christ, Pt.1
  33. The Apologetical Preaching of Jesus Christ, Pt.2
  34. The Truth of the Gospel, Pt.1
  35. The Truth of the Gospel, Pt.2
  36. The Apologetics of Divine Judgment
  37. The Place of Evidence in Apologetics
  38. The Platform of Evidence in Apologetics
  39. Apologetics and the Work of the Holy Spirit
  40. The Apologetics of Christian Discipleship
  41. Apologetics and the Faithful Church
  42. Apologetics and the Present Spiritual Downgrade
  43. Beware of False Prophets
  44. Apologetics and the Danger of Self-Deception
  45. The Lies that Lead to Destruction
  46. The Danger of Cheap Grace
  47. The Principles of Protestantism, Pt.1*
  48. The Principles of Protestantism, Pt.2*
  49. The Glory of Our Hope in Christ; Reason for Defending the Gospel
  50. Let Your Light Shine: A Practical Guide for Witnessing
  51. Defending the Gospel with Courage
  52. Apologetics and the Godly Pursuit of Reformation*
  53. Apologetics and the Godly Pursuit of Reformation*

Brett Woody, Pastor-Teacher