The Resurrection of the Son of God

This is a series of sermons on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It includes a thorough Scriptural defense of the Biblical doctrine of Christ’s resurrection in explanation of the historical truth, the theological significance, and many of the practical implications of Jesus bodily resurrection from the dead. It is also designed to refute all the false, unbelieving, Liberal, and Neo-Orthodox views of the resurrection of Jesus Christ that subversive to the truth of the Gospel, including the widely popular but heretical teaching of N.T. Wright. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of sound Biblical doctrine, the faithful preaching of the Gospel, and the true Christian life. The centerpiece of the Apostle’s preaching and apologetic as well as the testimony of the OT Scriptures is the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. And whenever the full truth and testimony of the glory of Christ and His resurrection from the dead is denied or distorted, so is the Gospel and the very nature of Christain truth. A great deal of the evils and idolatry that are widespread in Evangelical and Reformed churches today is a result of the gross ignorance of so many pastors and Christian leaders today of the truth of Christ’s resurrection from the dead and all the theological and spiritual implications of it, including His glory and Lordship over the church and the nations. Some of these sermons have been lost, and so it is incomplete at the moment. But when the series is finished, I hope to publish it in a book that will be approximately 500-600 pages.

  1. The Importance of Christ’s Resurrection*
  2. The Common Misrepresentations of Christ’s Resurrection*
  3. The OT Witness to Christ’s Resurrection, Pt.1
  4. The OT Witness to Christ’s Resurrection, Pt.2
  5. The Fourfold Witness of Christ’s Resurrection in the Gospels
  6. Jesus Own Testimony to His Resurrection
  7. The Glory of Christ’s Resurrection from the Dead
  8. The Resurrection of Christ and the Vindication of Christian Truth
  9. The Material Evidences of Christ’s Resurrection
  10. The Theological Evidences of Christ’s Resurrection
  11. The Historical Evidences of Christ’s Resurrection*
  12. The Personal Evidences of Christ’s Resurrection
  13. The Apostolic Evidences of Christ’s Resurrection
  14. Christ Rose Up For Us: Christ’s Resurrection and the Christian Life
  15. Jesus Christ Preeminent by Virtue of His Resurrection
  16. The Spiritual Implications of Christ’s Resurrection: Christ the Model of Every Believer
  17. Defending Christ’s Resurrection against Judaism
  18. Defending Christ’s Resurrection against Skeptics
  19. Defending Christ’s Resurrection against the Cults
  20. Defending Christ’s Resurrection against Liberals*
  21. In Defense of Christ’s Resurrection Glory
  22. The Claims of Christ’s Lordship
  23. Preaching Christ’s Resurrection*
  24. Preaching Christ’s Sovereignty over Politics
  25. Christ’s Saving Love Revealed in His Resurrection
  26. Christ’s Resurrection Power in the Church*
  27. Christ’s Glory in the Church
  28. The Resurrection of Life
  29. The Resurrection Way
  30. Our Resurrection Victory in Christ

Brett Woody, Pastor-Teacher