Stephen’s Apologetical Address

This is a series of sermons from Acts 7 and Stephen’s apologetical address in the defense of the Gospel before the Jewish Sanhedrin. They are all found on the sermon page drawn from the series on the Book of Acts. It is a comprehensive Biblical and Theological study of Stephen’s calling, his address to the council, and his martyrdom. It teaches us the true nature and calling of an apologist for Christ, the use and importance of OT Scripture in the defense of the Gospel, and what it means to suffer for Christ in defending His name and glory in the world. Stephen’s address and his martyrdom go a long way to show just how wrong-headed the study and work of Apologetics have become in the church today as a result of the corrupting influence of modern Seminaries and the bookish nature of modern apologists. Tragically most Evangelical and Reformed works written on Apologetics today are written by scholars who are neither preachers nor evangelists in the Biblical sense, and do not have anywhere near the kind of courage and conviction that we see here in Acts 7 and Stephen’s defense. And he was just a deacon!  Lord willing, these sermons will give courage and conviction to young apologists like Stephen to defend Christ’s name and glory in the church, even if it means their martyrdom and death.

  1. The Sacrifice of True Christian Leadership
  2. Stephen Martyr: The Gold Standard of Godly Christian Leadership
  3. The Scandal of Christian Leadership in the Church Today
  4. The Suffering of True Christian Leadership
  5. Stephen’s Apologetical Address: An Introduction, Pt.1
  6. Stephen’s Apologetical Address: An Introduction, Pt.2
  7. Stephen’s Defense: Abraham’s Testimony to Christ
  8. Stephen’s Defense: Joseph’s Testimony to Christ
  9. Stephen’s Defense: Moses’ Rejection and Its Testimony to Christ
  10. Stephen’s Defense: Moses’ Calling and Its Testimony to Christ
  11. Stephen’s Defense: Moses’ Work and Its Testimony to Christ
  12. Stephen’s Defense: Israel’s Idolatry and Rebellion against Christ
  13. Stephen’s Defense: The Law of God and Its Testimony to Christ
  14. Stephen’s Defense: The Tabernacle and Its Testimony to Christ
  15. Stephen’s Defense: The Prophet’s and Their Testimony to Christ
  16. Stephen’s Defense: The Old Testament and Its Testimony to Christ
  17. Stephen’s Defense: A Final Rebuke and Indictment of Sinners
  18. Stephen’s Defense: A Vision of Jesus Christ Exalted in Glory
  19. Stephen’s Defense: Jesus Christ Exalted in the Church
  20. Stephen’s Defense: Reasons for Defending Christ and the Gospel
  21. Stephen’s Defense: The Great Evil of Responding Sinfully to the Word of God
  22. Stephen’s Martyrdom: The Record of Stephen’s Martyrdom
  23. Stephen’s Martyrdom: A True Believer’s Life in Death

Brett Woody, Pastor-Teacher