The Great Commission

This is a series of 40 sermons that is based on Matthew 28:18-20 from my larger series of 440 sermons on the Gospel of Matthew. They can be found in the sermon section of the website, except for 4 of them. The Great Commission given by the Lord Jesus Christ here at the end of the Gospel of Matthew is one of the pillars of the Church’s call to evangelize the lost, disciple the nations, and defend the Gospel in the world. Studying the Great Commission in such great detail and in the context of Apologetics helps to give pastors, apologists, and Christians alike, the right and godly conviction that Apologetics and defending the faith is not merely an academic pursuit or discipline. It is a part of the faithful ministry of the Word of God.

  1. Jesus Christ the King of Glory
  2. The Greatness of the Great Commission
  3. The Four-fold Gospel Mission
  4. The Importance of the Great Commission
  5. The Grace of God in the Great Commission
  6. The Climax of Jesus Life and Ministry
  7. The King’s Final Charge
  8. The Creation Mandate and the Great Commission
  9. Christ’s Commission in the Old Testament
  10. The Great Commission for the Nation
  11. Worship and the Great Commission
  12. Christ’s Sovereignty and the Great Commission
  13. The Gospel Ministry and the Great Commission
  14. Preaching and the Great Commission
  15. Preaching Christ and the Great Commission
  16. The Great Commission for an Evil Generation
  17. Discipleship and the Fundamentals of the Faith
  18. The Charge to make Disciples
  19. The Cost of Discipleship*
  20. Discipleship and the Church of Christ
  21. Discipling the Nations for Christ
  22. Discipling Your Children for Christ
  23. The Blessings of Discipleship and Following Jesus Christ
  24. The Godly Virtue of Christian Discipleship
  25. Baptism: The Covenant Seal of Christian Discipleship
  26. The Lord’s Supper: The Covenant Meal of Christ Discipleship*
  27. The Holy Trinity: The Confession of Christian Discipleship
  28. Teaching Christ’s Word and Commandments*
  29. Christian Education and the Great Commission*
  30. The Ministry of Women and the Great Commission*
  31. Obedience to Christ’s Word and Commandments
  32. Christ’s Saving Presence with His People
  33. Christ’s Resurrection and the Great Commission
  34. The Evidence of Christ’s Abiding Presence
  35. The Great Commission to the End of the Age
  36. Christ Victorious at the End of the Age
  37. A Faithful Witness for Christ
  38. Learning Christ and Living for His Glory*
  39. Apologetics and the Great Commission
  40. Defending the Gospel in an Ungodly World*