Emmanuel Grace Counseling Services

Over the last 25 years, I have been regularly involved in counseling Christians in a variety of different ways and for many different reasons. When I do have the time and there is a serious need, I provide counseling services for marriage and family issues, educational matters, contract disputes, public policy formation, matters of law enforcement and home land security, as well as a regular homeless ministry. My commitment in all of this is directed by a distinctly Reformed and Puritan vision based on the authority and sufficiency of Scripture and the claims of Christ’s sovereignty. All of the counseling work that I do is moreover strictly confidential.

1. Marriage and Family Counseling: One of my greatest joys as a pastor is to provide Biblical counsel to married couples and their families, to reconcile broken marriages, to heal wounded families, to instruct and encourage Christian parents in godly and Biblical discipleship and schooling practices, to raise their kids for Christ by the nurture and admonition of the Lord, the practicing of daily family worship, overcoming patterns of sin, and encouraging believers in a life of faith and love to Christ. I counsel all sorts of Christians from all over the world from many different Evangelical and Reformed denominations, including pastors and Christian leaders. And while I always speak the truth, I always try to do so in love. If you are ever in need of marriage or family counseling, and are able in humility before God and love for your family to receive godly correction, you are welcome to inquire. Exo.18:19-21; Psalm 1; Prov.11:14, 12:15; Gal.6:1; 1 Thess.5:11-28; 2 Thess.2:16-17; 2 Tim.3:16-17.

*Martin Luther said, “It is the duty of pastors to strengthen and build up Christian families in faith and love, and not to tear them down by false doctrine or being a bad example.”

2. Home school and Christian School Counseling: Along with marriage and family counseling, I also help Christian schools and home-school families that are interested in Biblical Reformation with developing godly principles and practices of education at all levels (from Pre-school to the College level)  that are focused on Scripture, sound doctrine, and the use of Christian classics for the godly edification and discipleship of Christian youth. I have multiple degrees in many fields of study (Bible, Theology, History, Apologetics, Literature, Ancient Languages, Political Philosophy) and have taught at every level of education for over 20 years, including College and Seminary.  And I know very well that most Christian schools and the curriculum and programs that are presently being used in the are subversive to families as well as the salvation of Christian youth. It is deeply saddening to me to see so many Christian families today undermined by bad schooling and training, and by making decisions about education that are destructive to their children. The main reasons for this today include: 1. Christian education is often divorced from the ministry of the Word of God and the sanctify of the Lord’s Day. 2. Christian education is not grounded upon the study of Scripture, and the discipline of Bible survey classes. 3. Christian education is not theologically grounded upon the Reformed confessions and catechisms. 4. Christian education is often given over to pagan practices such as the use of drama and female sports. 5. Christian education is not oriented by a pattern of discipleship and building of godly character, but the drive of academics. These manifest evils as well as many others contributed to the widespread apostasy of Christian youth in the church and families in Evangelical and Reformed churches. If you are interested in reforming your educational principles and practices, you are welcome to inquire. Deut.6; Psalm1, 119;  Prov.1; Eph.6; 2 Tim.1:13-14; 2 Pet.3:17-18.

*John Milton said, “The end of all learning is to know God, and out of that knowledge to love and imitate Him.”

*Increase Mather said, “Education is useless and vain unless it leads to a life of true faith and godliness in Christ that is devoted to serving the interests of God and His kingdom in both the church and the world.”

3. Political and Public Policy Consulting: Over 30 years of ministry, I have often done consulting work for private companies as well as government institutions in matters of public policy, contract disputes, party reconciliation, investigative matters, and a hundred other legal and political issues. I have dealt on occasion with state and nationally known politicians, journalists, political pundits, the news media, the FBI, the CIA, Home Land security, the judiciary, various foreign governments, and other institutions as it relates to matters of justice and public policy. In all instances my counseling and consulting is entirely Biblical and Reformed, designed to glorify Christ and bring justice and liberty to the nation and to all people through the knowledge of God, and to deliver them from sin, idolatry, and political ideologies that are destructive. I also often write letters to leaders, politicians, Presidents, and people in civil power and authority to encourage them inn their work that they would honor Christ and His word and defend His church and kingdom. Exo.20; Deut.18; 1 Samuel 1 Kings 18:16-19; Jer.1:10; Daniel; Psalm 2, 72; Rom.13:1-7; 1 Tim.2:1-4..

*Cotton Mather said, “The Christian religion is the foundation and bulwark to true government and magistracy.”

*Noah Webster said, “America is a redeemer nation, a guiding light to those in heathen darkness, a light upon the hill of the world. This is so because of its religious devotion, its Puritan vision, its moral courage, as well as its manifest destiny to serve the world for good. This American nation should, therefore, be united together upon one Holy Bible, one saving doctrine, one English language, and one sovereign purpose in the cause of God and truth.”

*Theodore Beza said, “Just as King David had his Nathan and King Hezekiah his Isaiah; so every godly magistrate, prince, or king ought to have himself a prophet or minister to serve beside him for counsel, and to help him lead the affairs of state and government with a godly eye toward Christ in serving Him.”

4. Homeless Ministry: I also have a regular homeless ministry directed primarily to veterans and to those who are in direct need of food and clothing. For years I have had a ministry to the homeless, in particular to homeless veterans. Every week I help to provide food pantries with bread, fix meals for homeless veterans, and also when necessary provide them necessary clothing, sleeping bags, or tents for shelter. If you are able and willing, I would implore you for Christ’s sake to donate to this ministry on the provided link for their sake. Christian veterans are sadly often the least provided for and the least taken care of in the church, while rich Christians live comfortably with little financial worries at all. Deut.15:11; Ps.42; Prov.19:17, 22:9; Mt.19:21; Lk.6:38; Gal.2:10; Eph.4:28; Heb.6:10, 13:16; 1 Tim.6:17-19; Jm.2:14-17; 1 Jn.3:17.

*John Chrysostom said, “Helping the poor is a noble virtue, but serving other Christians who are poor for Christ’s sake is one of the surest evidences of a life of true faith and godliness.”

Brett Woody, Pastor-Teacher and Head of Emmanuel Grace Counseling Services