For Biblical Studies:

  •   (Best Bible Study Resource Online)
  •   (Another great Bible Study Resource Online)
  •   (Another useful Resource with the best commentaries)
  •   (Matthew Henry’s Commentary – Best Biblical Commentary by far)
  •   (John Calvin’s Commentary – Sound and Judicious)
  •   ((John Gill’s Commentary – Reformed Baptist very Insightful in places)
  •   (John Trapp’s Commentary – Short and pithy Puritan observations)
  •   (The Biblical Illustrator – Great Tool)
  •   (John Peter Lange’s Commentary – Great 19th century Commentary)
  • (Some useful academic studies)
  • (Very useful with lots of information, but be careful)

For Theology and Apologetics:

  • (Early Creeds, Reformed Confessions and Catechisms, with much more)
  •   (Free Online Reformation and Puritan Resources)
  •   (Puritan Library)
  •   (Another Puritan Library)
  •   (Westminster Assembly Project)
  •   (Post Reformation Digital Library)
  •   (Jonathan Edwards library)
  • (Reformed and Puritan Resources)
  •   (Still Waters Revival Books (Reformation and Puritan resources)
  •   (Many valuable documents and treatises)
  •   (Reformed Preaching/Teaching??? – Some good, and some bad)
  •   (John Frame/ Verne Poythress website – useful in parts)

For Church History:

  • All the Previous
  • (Christian Classics Ethereal Library)
  • (Philip Schaff’s History of the Church)
  • (The Early Church Fathers+some Medieval theologians)
  • (The Early Church Fathers+some Medieval theologians)
  • (A very valuable resource to be used cautiously – I have contributed to many articles over the years)
  • (Many valuable documents and resources available here)

For Book Purchases:

  •   (Reformation Heritage Books, the best place to buy Reformed/Puritan books)
  •   (The best place to buy books overall; new, used, and out of print…..Amazon Prime)
  •   (World Wide Search for used and out of print books)
  •   (Great for discounted sets and home school and Christian school materials)
  •   (Bob Jones Publishing – for Home school and Christian school resources)
  • (Abeka Publishing – for Home school and Christian school resources)