Christ’s Sovereignty over Civil Government

This is a series of sermons that I preached in 2016 nearing the end of the Obama administration and prior to the 2016 election. I felt it was necessary because of the widespread ignorance of the Biblical doctrine of Civil Government, of Christ’s Sovereignty, and the manifold evils of the Demonic party of the left.

  1. Preaching Christ in Politics
  2. Christ’s Sovereignty over Politics and Civil Government
  3. Biblical Principles of Civil Government
  4. The Evil and Idolatry of Modern Statism
  5. Christ the Remedy to Politics
  6. The Need for Godly Magistrates
  7. Politics and the Preaching of the Law of God
  8. American Politics Condemned by the Law of God
  9. Knowing the Lord: A Preface to Leadership and the Law
  10. A Platform for Godly Civil Government, Pt.1
  11. A Platform for Godly Civil Government, Pt.2
  12. The Idolatry of Female Government
  13. The Idolatry and Politics of Sodomy
  14. The High Cost of Liberty
  15. The Abomination of Abortion and the Politics of Modern Witchcraft
  16. The Apostasy of the Church and the Downgrade of Evangelical Politics
  17. A Solemn Call to Repentance and National Reformation
  18. The Sovereignty of Christ and the Politics of the Last Judgment
  19. Crooked Hillary Clinton: A Prophetic Rebuke to the Demonic Party and the High-Priestess of their Cult of Death
  20. God Glorified in the Downfall of Wicked Rulers

Brett Woody, Pastor-Teacher