Reformation and the 2016 Election

This short series of sermons was delivered at the run-up of the 2016 election and are a carefully argued defense from Scripture, Theology, History, and common sense of voting for President Trump and Vice-President Pence. It is a refutation of the demonic party as well as a rebuke to Never-Trumpers and the Republican establishment who often compromise with the most wicked and ungodly elements of the Democrat party in selling out the nation by promoting destructive and ungodly policies.

  1. A Trump Presidency: Imperialist, Constitutionalist, Populist, and Reformist*
  2. Principles of Godly Civil Government, Pt.1 – Why President Trump?
  3. Principles of Godly Civil Government, Pt.2 – Why President Trump?
  4. Principles of Godly Civil Government, Pt.3 – Why President Trump?
  5. Lessons on American Politics: and More Reasons to Support a Trump Presidency
  6. On Reforming Government: A Pastoral Exhortation on Public Policy
  7. The Downfall of Wicked Magistrates: Reasons to Rejoice in the Downfall of Crooked Hillary
  8. Transforming the Nation by the Faithful Preaching of the Gospel
  9. Christ’s Exaltation and the Presidential Inauguration
  10. Making America Great by Making America Reformed*

Brett Woody, Pastor-Teacher