Studying Civil Government

Introduction: This part of the website is devoted to the Biblical doctrine of civil government and to promoting Christ’s sovereignty and the Law of God in politics, civil government, culture, and society for the reformation of the nation. One of the greatest evils upon the church and the nation today is the spread of political ideologies that are subversive to the Gospel. The influence of secularism, the demonic party of the left, the fake news media, Liberal propaganda, as well as establishment Republicans, and Roman Catholic idolatry have together conspired over the last generation to destroy the nation. They are a cabal of demonic forces that are not only opposed to law and justice in the nation, but the pursuit of godly reformation. It is vital for faithful Christians as well as pastors and Christian leaders to be on the front lines opposing the diabolical and demonic forces of the Liberal and atheistic agenda that includes: the abominations of secularism, socialism, Marxism, abortion, the homosexual agenda, feminist ideology, the welfare state, open borders, the attack on Christian values, the destruction of the family, and public policies that are designed to promote statism, and pagan indoctrination. Preaching the Gospel and Christ’s Lordship requires the public rebuke and condemnation of idolatry and false religion in the nation, including the abominable wickedness of the fake news media and their attacks on Biblical truth and the Law of God.

Conviction: It is my conviction that most Evangelical and Reformed pastors are forsaking their solemn duty in faithfully preaching against the sins and idolatries of this present evil age and are even complicit in the manifest evils and abominations that are rampant in our nation. This is a result of the evil influence of false doctrine that denies or undermines the true Gospel and the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all things including: Liberalism, Broad Evangelicalism, Neo-Orthodoxy, Dispensationalism, New Calvinism, as well as the Cheap Grace Presbyterianism that is rampant in Reformed denominations.  Because of this spiritual downgrade in the church and among ministers over the whole history of American politics, capitulating with Enlightenment paganism and political polytheism, the church has been poisoned by heresy, Christians and Christian families have gone apostate, the Gospel is perverted, and God is blasphemed. The material benefits of a pluralistic and a free society, such as we have in the nation as a result of the American Revolution and the Founding fathers, is no reason for pastors and Christians to compromise the Word of God. We are called by God to promote truth, justice, righteousness, the Law of God, Christian values, and Christ’s sovereignty in and over the nation. Jesus Christ the Son of God and the Lord of glory has a sovereign claim on everything in the world, as He is the King and Judge of the world, and should be exalted in: politics, civil government, public policy, business and economics, diplomacy and international relations, health and medicine, wealth and poverty,  law and order, immigration and border security, schools and education, media and journalism, sports and entertainment, arts and literature, music and movies. It is the duty therefore of pastors, theologians, and Christian leaders to rebuke ungodliness and idolatry, and to promote the rule of Christ and His word over all things. Exo.20; Psalm 1-2; Mt.28:18-20; Rom.13; Eph.1:15-22; Acts 7.

Testimony: To this end over 25 years of ministry, I have preached and taught in the defense of a Puritan and Reformed view of politics and civil government, have addressed all the manifest evils of the nation, written extensively to government leaders, and have written numerous documents relating to public policy, law and order, the reformation of civil government, the support of the military, the rooting out of feminist ideology in government and culture, and many of the pressing issues of the day; including the diabolical evil of the Obama administration, the Clinton corruption cabal, the fake news media, and the wicked conspiracy of the Mueller investigation which is designed to cover up all the fraud, corruption, and evil of the Obama administration and the Clinton’s. Before studying Theology and going to Seminary, I studied History, Political Philosophy, Theories of Civil Government, Public Policy, and Economic Theory at U.C. Berkeley during the Reagan administration. I wrote public policy papers on the exact same issues that President Trump is dealing with now in the nation to, “Make America Great Again.” I wrote public policy papers on Illegal Immigration, Anti-Trust, Diplomacy with Russia after the Cold War, Fighting Islamic Terrorism, the Dangers of the Deficit, Fake Money, The Fake News Media (when Cable News didn’t even exist). The same problems exist in America today as they did during the Reagan administration, but the diabolical evil of the Democrats, the Fake news media, Hollywood culture, and the establishment Republicans are far worse today than it was then. The polarization of the nation is far greater, and this is a result of the demonic forces of the left and their promotion of a secular, godless, statist, libertine and anti-Christian society that suppresses the truth in unrighteousness. For this reason, I have preached many sermons on the subjects of politics and civil government.

  1. God’s Word to the Nation: A series of 20 sermons through the Clinton and Bush administrations
  2. The Threat of Islam: A series of 10 sermons on dealing with Islamic terrorism and promoting peace in the Middle East.
  3. The Obama Nation of Desolation: A series of 12 sermons during the Obama administration exposing the evil, fraud, and corruption of the administration and Liberal Democrats.
  4. Christ’s Sovereignty over Politics: A series of 24 sermons prior to the 2016 election expounding on the Biblical doctrine of civil government. This series includes the sermon “Crooked Hillary Clinton, the High-Priestess of the Demonic Party.”
  5. Election 2016 and the Reformation of the Nation: A series of 8 sermons promoting the election of President Trump and how important it was for the nation for President Trump to be elected, along with public policy recommendations for the new administration.
  6. The Politics of Devils: On ongoing series exposing the fraud, corruption, and wickedness of the previous Obama administration, the Clinton Foundation, James Comey, the Mueller investigation, the Fake News media, and the unfounded attacks on President Trump and his heroic attempts to root out corruption in Washington, and bring law, order, justice, prosperity, and Christian values back to the nation.

Biblical Foundations of Civil Government: Here are the Biblical foundations in very brief form why civil government out to be ruled and governed by Scripture and the Law of God, why Jesus Christ is sovereign over politics and civil government, and why civil magistrates, rulers, judges, and politicians are to submit their lives, their service, their policies and decisions to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not only beneficial for civil magistrates to submit to Christ, but it is also what God requires of them. The Biblical doctrine of civil government is very simple but deeply profound. It is the confession of Jesus Christ as Lord, adherence to sound Biblical doctrine, and a cheerful obedience to His word and doctrine in the affairs of state and public policy. Jesus Christ is the Lord and redeemer of the nations, and also of the nation’s governments. The politics of the Bible is very simple. Jesus Christ is the Lord and the Savior. He is not only the Head of the church; but also is the sovereign of the nations. Nations that promote the Gospel and obedience to Christ’s laws are therefore blessed; while the rest are cursed with plagues of sin, idolatry, division, disease, disasters, war, as well as death and damnation. It should be clear to any thoughtful Christian that the rule for politics and society, is the same rule for faith and conduct, the infallible Word of God. And the basis of a good and godly society is the rule of the Law of God, the Ten Commandments, and its application in wisdom to all institutions and issues. Genesis 11; Joshua 1; 1-2 Kings; Psalm 2, 33:12; 101, 110; Mt.4:4, 28; Acts 7; Rom.13, 14:9; 1 Cor.10:31; 2 Cor.10:5; Eph.1; 2 Tim.3:16; Revelation.

Here is a brief outline of the Biblical Principles of Civil Government taken from one of my sermons. They briefly summarize God’s Stated Design and Purpose for Civil Government Revealed in His Word and Why it Becomes Corrupted.

  1. The Sovereignty of Civil Government – Civil Government is instituted by God and therefore under His Sovereign Authority and the rule of His word
  2. The Sanction of Civil Government – Civil Government is a divine ordinance instituted by God for the public good and the advance of the Gospel in the world
  3.  The Source of Civil Government – Civil Government is ordained by God on account of sin to restrain and to punish evil, idolatry, crime, and all forms of wickedness.
  4. The Savior of Civil Government – Civil Government is redeemed and sanctified by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a cheerful submission to His Lordship
  5. The Statute of Civil Government – Civil Government is to administer Justice and Judgment through the Law of God and in the defense of the upright
  6. The Service of Civil Government – Civil Government is constituted by and for a people and body politic by way of Covenant
  7. The System of Civil Government – Civil Government is properly established and administered by a separation of powers under the authority of God.
  8. The Sin of Civil Government – Civil Government is perverted by False Religions and Political Ideologies that are contrary to the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

A Platform for Civil Government: Here is a brief list of 10 of the most important aspects of public policy and what kind of political platform is sanctioned by the Word of God and that best serves the interests of Christ’s glory and kingdom. These are some of the basic principles of Christian doctrine as they relate to public policy and the political issues of the nation today that Christians and Christian leaders alike should be united together in promoting for the sake of Christ and national reformation.

  1. The Promotion of Christ’s Kingdom and Biblical Reformation in Government and Society
  2. The Promotion of Law and Order in Society as well as the Truth of the Gospel along with a Just and Equitable Punishment of Lawbreakers and Evil-Doers, Criminals and Drug Dealers, as well as those who promote Fake News, Misinformation, as well as Lies and Propaganda in the Media.
  3. The Promotion of Justice and Judgment in the Court System and the overthrow of Liberal, Ungodly, and Anti-Christian, Judges.
  4. The Promotion of Limited Government and Civil Liberty for the Protection of Personal Freedom and Privacy.
  5. The Promotion of a Strong National Defense, Military, National Security Policy in opposition to Globalism, Islamic terrorism, and illegal immigration.
  6. The Promotion of a Right to Life Amendment in Opposition to the Evils of Abortion, Stem-Cell research, the Commercialization of Baby Parts, and Euthanasia,
  7. The Promotion of the Divine Institution of Marriage and Family in opposition to a Society of Feminism. Paganism, and Sexual Immorality.
  8. The Promotion of an Economics of Free Enterprise and Godly Capitalism in opposition to Socialism, Crony-Capitalism, Fraudulent Marketing, and Unregulated and Corrupt Corporations.
  9. The Promotion of a Biblical View of Social Justice and Compassion for the Poor as a Safeguard for National Security as well as a Safety Net for the Disabled, the Weak, and Veterans that encourages Work and Honesty as well as Punishes Fraud and Indolence.
  10. The Promotion of Godly Education and the funding of Private Schools and Institutions that serve for the Glory of God and the Good of Society, as well as the defunding and overthrow of the Pagan Indoctrination and Ungodly Influence of Public Schools and Universities.

A godly and Biblical platform for civil government and public policy should, therefore, be devoted to some of the same convictions that are promoted by the conservative, nationalist, and populist wing of the Republican party  (President Trump, Vice-President Pence, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Jim Jordan, Mike Huckabee, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, etc…). Pastors and Christians should remember though not to be corrupted by their false doctrine and political correctness. 2 Peter 3:17-18.

Christian Activism: How can Christians influence politics without becoming defiled by the many evils of politics. That can be difficult without godly counsel and a disciplined life of faith with the support of family and church. Sadly many people become ensnared by the temptations involved with politics. But here are a few guidelines:

  1. Be Devoted to God’s Worship at a Faithful Bible-Believing Church, Heb.10:25
  2. Get Reformed in your Life and Doctrine, Rom.12:1-2
  3. Be Informed of the Biblical Doctrine of Civil Government, Psalm 2
  4. Pray for Revival and Reformation in the Church and the Nation, 2 Chron.7
  5. Listen to Fox News and Conservative Pundits with Godly Discernment from Scripture, Prov.1
  6. Educate Your Pastor and Leaders of Biblical Reformation, or Find another Church, 2 Tim.4
  7. Speak the Truth in Love to those who are Subverted by Paganism and Leftist Ideology, Jude
  8. Avoid Schools and Programs that Tolerate Idolatry and Paganism, 2 Cor.6:17-18
  9. Support Ministries that Promote Biblical Reformation in the Church and the Nation, Gal.6:6-10
  10. Vote for and Support the Most Conservative Candidates for Office who can Win, Exo.18:20-22

Books: It is essential for pastors and Christian leaders to have a right and godly understanding of Scripture and sound doctrine as the basis for a theology of politics, civil government, public policy, and reformation. Many Evangelical and Reformed pastors today are grossly ignorant of the Biblical doctrine of civil government and are therefore of little value in promoting godliness and reformation in the nation.

  • Foundational for a Biblical View
  • The Reformed Confessions (The Geneva, the French, The Belgic, The Scottish, The Second Helvetic, The Irish Articles, and the Westminster Confession).
  • John Calvin – Institutes of the Christian Religion, which of course is dedicated with a preface to the king of France as an apology in defense of the Reformed Faith and of reforming the nation.
  • John Calvin – Sermons on Deuteronomy
  • John Calvin – Commentary on the Bible
  • Matthew Henry – Commentary on the Bible in 6 Volumes
  • Martin Luther – Letter to the Christian Nobility and the Babylonian Captivity of the Church
  • Martin Bucer – The Kingdom of Christ
  • Henry Bullinger – Decades: Chapter On Civil Government
  • Pierre Viret – The Christian and the Magistrate
  • Theodore Beza – The Right (and Limits) of Magistrates
  • Westminster Divines: Fast Sermons to Parliament during the Westminster Assembly on Reforming the Nation.
  • Christopher Goodman – How Superior Powers ought to be Obeyed
  • Junius Brutus – A Defense of Liberty against Tyrants
  • Franciscus Junius – The Mosaic Polity
  • Samuel Rutherford – Lex Rex
  • Walter Frere – Puritan Manifestos (reprint)
  • John Cotton – Moses’ Judicials
  • William Symington – Messiah the Prince
  • James Willson – The Establishment and Limits of Civil Government
  • Alexander M’Leod – Messiah, Governor of the Nations
  • Greg Price – Biblical Civil Government versus the Beast
  • Helpful for Historical Background
  • A.H.M. Jones – Constantine and the Conversion of Europe
  • John Foxe – Foxes Book of Martyrs
  • Augustine – City of God
  • Charles Robinson – The Conversion of Europe
  • T.M. Lindsay – History of the Reformation
  • Douglas Kelly – The Emergence of Liberty
  • John Knox – The History of the Reformation of Scotland
  • John Knox – Letters and Essays on Reformation
  • John Brown – English Puritans
  • James Heron – A Short History of Puritanism
  • Merle D-Aubigne – Cromwell Lord Protector
  • William Bradford – Of Plymouth Plantation
  • Edmund Morgan – The Puritan Dilemma: The Story of John Winthrop
  • Francis Bremer – John Winthrop: America’s Forgotten Founding Father
  • David Hall – Political Sermons of the American Founding Era in 2 Volumes
  • David Hall – Election Day Sermons
  • The Federalist Papers
  • Gary Demar – God and Government: A Biblical, Historical, and Constitutional Perspective
  • Gary Demar – Ruler of the Nations
  • Abraham Kuyper – Our Program: A Christian Political Manifesto
  • Gary North – Political Polytheism
  • Gary North – Tools of Dominion
  • Greg Bahnsen – By This Standard: The Authority of God’s Law
  • Roussas Rushdoony – Institutes of Biblical Law
  • Herbert Schlossberg – Idols for Destruction
  • Cornelis Van Dam – God and Government
  • God and Politics: Four Views
  • Five Views on the Church and Politics
  • Wayne Grudem – Politics according to the Bible
  • George Grant – The Changing of the Guard
  • Ray Sutton – Who Owns the Family?
  • Helpful for Modern Issues
  • Rush Limbaugh – The Way Things Ought to Be
  • Rush Limbaugh – See I Told You So
  • Robert Bork – The Tempting of America
  • Robert Bork – Slouching Toward Gomorrah
  • Matt Margolis – The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama
  • Matt Margolis – The Worst President in History
  • Keith Koffler – The Obama Scandals
  • Ann Coulter – Godless: the Church of Liberalism
  • Ann Coulter – Demonic
  • Ann Coulter – Adios, America
  • Ann Coulter – Resistance is Futile
  • Dinesh D’Souza – Death of a Nation
  • Dinesh D’Souza – The Big Lie
  • Andrew McCarthy – The Grand Jihad
  • Peter Schweizer – Clinton Cash
  • Peter Schweizer – Secret Empires
  • Gregg Jarrett – The Russian Hoax
  • Gregg Jarrett – Witch Hunt
  • Tucker Carlson – Ship of Fools
  • Sebastian Gorka – The War for America’s Soul
  • Michelle Malkin – Open Borders
  • Andrew McCarthy – Ball of Collusion
  • Mark Levin – Unfreedom of the Press
  • Mark Levin – Plunder and Deceit
  • Mark Levin – Liberty and Tyranny
  • Kimberley Strassel – Resistance at All Costs
  • David Horowitz – Dark Agenda
  • Sidney Powell – Licensed to Lie
  • Newt Gingrich – Trump vs China
  • Radicals, Resistance, and Revenge – Jeanine Pirro
  • Rand Paul – The Case against Socialism
  • Charles Hurt – Still Winning
  • David Limbaugh – The Plot against the President
  • Lee Smith – The Plot against the President

Brett Woody, Pastor-Teacher