The Democrat Party – A Demonic Death Cult

An Open Letter to Democrats and the Fake News Liberal Media.

*In John 10:10-11 Jesus says, “The Devil is as a thief who does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep. “

Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior of the world, solemnly states that the work of the Devil is “to steal, to kill, and to destroy.” The Devil does this in many ways and through a variety of different means by promoting and influencing people to sin, idolatry, crime, false religion, deviant and destructive political ideologies, and public policies in government that lead people away from the truth of the Gospel to a culture of death. This is manifested in American culture and society in many different ways, but nowhere is it more obvious than in the Democrat party.

There is indeed a Death Cult in America. It is called the Democrat party. And so, Beto O’Rourke’s recent absurd comments in the news and his ungodly misrepresentation of Christians and the Republican party as a death cult is a grossly deceitful and slanderous attempt to cloak the moral depravity of the Democrat party and his own idolatry and false religion.

The Democrat party is in fact the death cult in America, and is a curse on American society being a work and and tool of the Devil. The Democrat party is godless and immoral in every aspect of the term (religiously, politically, economically and culturally), and have been for over 40 years. Every one of their policies are a form of cultism and demonism that promotes a culture of corruption, moral depravity and death just as the Lord Jesus describes the work of the Devil which is “to steal, to kill, and destroy.” Here are just a few of the facts:

1. Abortion: Over 50 million unborn children have been slaughtered in abortion mills as a direct result of the Democrat party and the ruling of Roe v. Wade in 1973. Hundreds of thousands of unborn children are moreover still being slaughtered every year because of their atheist and feminist agenda and their influence on public policy and American sentiment. Abortion is in fact the leading cause of death in America as approximately 3000 unborn children are murdered every day in the nation. President Trump and pro-life conservatives are trying to put this to an end.

2. Inner-city murders: Thousands of Black Americans and Hispanic folk are moreover murdered every year because of the perverse and racist policies of Democrat city politicians. In fact, since the 1960’s over 700,000 people (largely minorities) have been murdered by gun violence that is a direct result of Democrat policies which are designed to undermine law and order as well as public respect for law enforcement officers. The crime and chaos in many inner-cities that have occurred since the death of George Floyd and that have cost hundreds of lives and billions of dollars have actually been promoted and financed by donors and leaders of the Democrat party. President Trump is trying to put an end to inner-city violence with strict enforcement of law and order as well as urban revitalization through opportunity zones and the funding of black colleges and private schools. The movement of Black Lives Matters, Antifa, and other leftist organizations of the Democrat party and their asinine calls to defund the police will only increase the culture of death and destruction in American cities and the black community.

3. Drug crime and overdoses: Hundreds of thousands of people have died of drug overdose (that we know as the Opiod crisis) over the last 12 years as a direct result of the lawless drug trade affiliated with illegal immigration, the secularism promoted in public schools (influenced by the godless Democrat party), as well as the destructive pharmaceutical policies of former President Obama. Over 60,000 people have died every year since the crisis began. To put that into perspective, since the passing of Obama’s libertine policy, more Americans die every year from drug overdose than American soldiers died during the entire Vietnam war era. President Trump is trying to put an end to these by closing the border, fighting the drug trade and illegal immigration, promoting private religious education and Christian schooling, as well as reforming health care institutions and national pharmaceutical policies.

4. ISIS carnage and Islamic terrorism under Obama: It is a fact of recent history that over 1.5 million people died in the Middle East during the Obama administration as a direct result of Obama’s incompetent leadership and the Democrat party’s sympathetic policies toward radical Islam. It is a strange but incontrovertible fact that the Democrat party promotes the manifold evils of radical Islam by their cowardice and incompetence as well as their anti-America, anti-military state policy. President Trump has for the most part ended most of the evils of radical Islamic terrorism in the nation as well as the Middle East that was a daily threat and horror under Obama. President Trump destroyed ISIS in the first 2 years of his administration and has strengthened Home Land Security to fight and root out the danger of Islamic terrorism in the nation.

5. Suicide: The suicide rate in America since the 1960’s (with the cultural revolution and the spread of secularism) has greatly increased to astronomical proportions. Although not all suicides in America are liberal Democrats, the increase of the suicide rate in American society is a direct result of the Democrat party and the influence of its atheistic ideology, its promotion of a godless and hedonistic lifestyle (LGBT), the vast corruption of the public school system, the rise of the drug culture in the nation, the influence of Hollywood paganism, as well as feminist ideology. The suicide rate has increased from 25,000 a year to 50,000 a year, with a massive increase of suicide among women as a result of abortions and feminist despair. In fact, since 1960, over 2 million Americans have taken their life by suicide. The idolatry and paganism of the Democrat party is a cult of death for its influence on suicide. Without God, there is no reason to live. President Trump on the other hand, along with Christians and those with a Christian world and life view, promotes a culture of life and redemption, forgiveness and purpose in the nation.

6. Violent Crime: It is also an established historical fact of American history that since the 1960’s (and the cultural revolution), over 75% of all crime and murder in the US has been perpetrated by those who identify as Democrats. In fact, the vast majority of murderers, rapists, violent criminals, drug dealers, sodomites, pedophiles, and other moral deviants in the US (black, white, or Hispanic) identify as Democrats, whether they vote or not. It is no surprise that the big three moral deviants of celebrity status (Epstein, Weinstein and Cosby) as well as the vast majority of other godless celebrity rapists and pedophiles are Democrats, and even Democrat donors. And while all men and women are sinners; the worst of all sinners in the nation are clearly Democrats – as this list categorically proves! In Romans 6:23 the apostle Paul says, ‘The wages of sin is death.”

7. Homosexual Perversion: The Democrat party is moreover the political party of LGBTQ and all the manifold evils of homosexual perversion which destroys lives and families, and is the festering ground for the the deadly AIDS virus. Over 1 million people die every year from the AIDS virus, a plague of God’s wrath on sin and idolatry. In fact, over the last 40 years, over 50 million people have been killed from the AIDS virus, most of them on account of the perversion of their homosexual lifestyle. The Democrat party, on account of its atheistic and anti-Christian ideology does nothing to help the gay community to be delivered from their self-destructive and immoral lifestyles. In fact, they promote it. They promote their ungodly lifestyle that leads to death and damnation as well as the loss of any possible posterity from a family. In Romans 1 Paul therefore in his condemnation of pagan society says that homosexuality is the very pinnacle of a reprobate mind and society, and that the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against such evil and wickedness.

8. Global Warming Paganism: The Democrat party is moreover the party that is given over to the idolatry of naturalism that has led to Global Warming paganism and an environmental policy that is destructive to human life. Instead of properly managing the world’s resources (oil, shale, water, timber, natural gas, coal, rare earth elements) and using them to help impoverished nations and communities, the Democrat party squanders them to the hurt and destruction of many people. Natural disasters and calamities are thereby aggravated by the gross incompetence that comes from such ideological pagans who don’t know how to prevent forest fires or alleviate the damage that comes from hurricanes, plagues, fires or other forms of God’s judgment visited upon the world because of man’s sin and idolatry. Being ignorant of God’s judgment and the nature of His providence in these events (because of their Atheism), Democrats don’t know how to prepare for them or to alleviate the pain that comes by them. And so whether it is the death and destruction caused by CA forest fires, Covid-19, coastal hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, plagues, pestilences, diseases, or famines Democrat politicians only aggravate the situation caused by these catastrophes. And thousands of people end up dying or suffering greater pain and hardship on account of the stupidity of Democrat leaders.

9. Covid-19: The Democrats moreover demonized President Trump’s policy of closing the nation down to Chinese and European travel which easily saved hundreds of thousands of lives. If Obama or Biden, or any Democrat, were president, the death toll from Covid-19 would easily be over 2 million on account of their ungodliness, their stupidity, their incompetence, and their political correctness. It would have been a National Calamity! Any person with common-sense knows this to be true. President Trump shut down travel from China and Europe before the pandemic hit the nation while all the Democrats accused him of being racist and xenophobic. It has been moreover proven that over 70% of Covid-19 deaths in America have taken place in Democrat controlled cities and states as a result of their fascist and failed policies. Just look at the incompetent and depraved response of Gov. Cuomo in NY sending Covid patients back to nursing homes to infect and subsequently kill thousands of elderly folk. He should be impeached, if not also imprisoned, for such a cruel and asinine decision to send Covid patients back to nursing homes. The fake news liberal media is moreover still promoting lies and misinformation about (hydroxy-chloroquine, zinc, and azithromycin) as a therapy to fight the pandemic in order to undermine President Trump’s re-election. The Democrat party is moreover actually hoping for the worse with the Covid pandemic as a political means to remove President Trump from office. This is not only barbaric, but entirely demonic.

10. Anti-Christ: The Democrat party moreover opposes the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every aspect on account of its political ideology, its public policies, and its open hostility to Evangelical truth, as well as the Church and kingdom of God. This is the greatest evil of the Democrat party and the greatest evidence that it is a work of the Devil, and therefore a demonic death cult. The Democrat party opposes the truth of God. It opposes both the Law of God revealed in the Ten Commandments and also the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is the only way to life and salvation. It seeks moreover to undermine and to suppress by its policies the influence of Christian churches as well as ministers and Christians alike who believe sound Biblical doctrine and who promote truth and godliness in the nation.  The Democrat party suppresses the truth of God in unrighteousness by promoting sin, idolatry, lies, propaganda, false religion, and the most depraved and ungodly forms of behavior; while at the same time suppressing the rights and values of Christians.

The Democrat party promotes a culture of sin, crime, depravity, and death! These are all incontrovertible facts that can be readily proven by statistical data as well as borne out by common sense and observation. The Democrat party is the atheist party, the reprobate party, the godless party, the libertine party, the party of paganism, suicide, immorality, LGBT rights, and every other form of moral depravity that is contrary to God’s Law and commandments, and to all natural affection. They are the party of hate and evil, racism and socialism, idolatry and immorality. The Democrat party is a death cult because it is entirely demonic in its religious views, its political ideology, and its public policy. They promote sin, crime, chaos, division, racism, anarchy, and every form of moral depravity known to man under the guise of civil liberty. The Democrat party is in fact the most aggressive force of evil and depravity in the nation; and it needs to be stopped – either by solemn rebuke and repentance, revival and reformation, law and punishment, or if necessary by force of arms. The death cult of the Democrat party needs to be vigorously opposed for the sake of the nation and for the churches.

The manifold evils of the Democrat party have been tolerated in the past 50 years by most conservatives and Christians in the nation because for the most part, these Democrat reprobates just hurt and destroy themselves by their self-destructive behavior: abortion, murder, crime, suicide, etc… If they want to hurt themselves or kill themselves, go ahead. That is their right. Atheism is a form of spiritual suicide anyway. The nation would be a far better place without them. And so as long as these godless Democrats want to kill themselves, abort their own children, burn up their cities, overdose on drugs, murder one another over turf wars, commit suicide, destroy their families by homosexual perversion, or commit any other evils upon themselves, go ahead! That’s right! Go right ahead. Destroy yourself and your own wicked life.


Considering these incontrovertible truths about the clear and present danger of the Democrat party and their demonic agenda as a cult of death, it is essential to oppose them: by the Word of God, sound Christian doctrine, well-grounded historical facts and argumentation, virtuous and constructive public policy, as well as Christian love.

But when these same godless liberal Democrats lie against the truth, and promote policies and propaganda that are at the same time destructive to the church, to schools, to institutions, to businesses, and to communities and the entire culture; and are therefore destructive to conservative and Christian families as well as to the nation as a whole….well then it is time to fight back and oppose them as vigorous as possible.

*In Mt.15:14 Jesus said, “The blind will lead the blind, and they will both fall into the ditch.”

*Romans 1:18 moreover says, “The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness.”

*Rev.21:8 says, “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

*Athanasius said, “Apart from Christ and the truth of the Christian religion, there is nothing but misery and death in the world promoted by the lies of heretics and heathen philosophers.”

*John Calvin said, “Idolatry and false religion are the source of all the manifold and miserable evils in the world today.”

To be sure, the only way to build a culture and society devoted to life is through the Gospel of Christ and Biblical reformation in the church, the family, and the government.

*Once again in John 10:10-11 Jesus says, “The Devil is as a thief who does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep. “

Pastor Brett Woody