Series on Colossians

This is a series of 68 expository sermons preached in the evening from 1995-1996 at the beginning of my preaching ministry. While they demonstrate the zeal and inexperience of my youth, they are still remarkably full of doctrinal clarity and devotional fervor. In fact, they are in many ways still very relevant and instructive for today as a defense of the sufficiency of Christ and Holy Scripture in opposition to the heresy and spiritual downgrade that is sadly common and widespread in Evangelical and Reformed churches. Looking over these sermons that I preached at 30 years old, I am quickly reminded of the tragedy of the modern preaching downgrade today and the fact that most preaching in the church today is shallow and superficial.

  1. The Sufficiency of Christ and the Colossians: An Overview of Paul’s Letter to the Colossians
  2. The Word of Grace, Col.1:1-2 NEW SERIES Devoted to the Gospel
  3. A Heart of Thanksgiving, Col.1:3
  4. The Real Experience of Grace, Col.1:4-5
  5. The True Gospel, Col.1:5
  6. The Fruit of the Gospel, Col.1:6
  7. Ministry and Fellowship in the Gospel, Col.1:7-8
  8. The Practice of Intercessory Prayer, Col.1:9a
  9. The Steps to Spiritual Knowledge, Col.1:9b
  10. A Life of Practical Godliness, Col.1:10
  11. The Godly Endurance of the Cross, Col.1:11-12
  12. Giving Thanks to God for His Saving Work, Col.1:12-13
  13. The Glory of Our Redemption in Christ, Col.1:14
  14. The Glory and Preeminence of Christ: An Introduction to Col.1:15-20 NEW SERIES
  15. Christ the Glory of the Father, Col.1:15
  16. Christ the Lord of Creation, Col.1:16
  17. Christ the Lord of Providence, Col.1:17
  18. Christ the Lord of the Church, Col.1:18
  19. Christ the Fullness of God, Col.1:19
  20. Christ and Our Reconciliation to God – Pt.1, Col.1:20
  21. Christ and Our Reconciliation to God – Pt.2, Col.1:21-22
  22. Persevering in Your Faith in Christ, Col.1:23
  23. The Marks of a Christ-Centered Ministry: Introduction to Col.1:24-2:7 NEW SERIES
  24. The Joy of Suffering for Christ, Col.1:24
  25. A Servant of the Word, Col.1:25
  26. The Mystery of the Gospel, Col.1:26-27
  27. Preaching for Perfection, Col.1:28
  28. Striving for the Lord in Ministry, Col.1:29
  29. Caring for the Church: The Place and Importance of Pastoral Care, Col.2:1-2
  30. The Truth of the Gospel: A Well Guarded Treasure, Col.2:2-3
  31. Bringing Order to Your Life of Faith, Col.2:4-5
  32. Rooted and Built Up in the Faith: The Way of Life in Christ, Col.2:6-7
  33. Our Sufficiency in Christ: Introduction to Col.2:8-23 NEW SERIES
  34. Christ against Philosophy, Col.2:8
  35. The Fullness and Sufficiency of Christ, Col.2:9-10
  36. Circumcised in Christ, Col.2:11-12
  37. Raised from the Dead in Christ, Col.2:12-13
  38. Our Deliverance and Freedom in Christ, Col.2:13-15
  39. Christ against the Ritualists, Col.2:16-17
  40. Christ against the Mystics, Col.2:18-19
  41. Christ against the Ascetics, Col.2:20-22
  42. Living the Risen Life in Christ: Introduction to  Col.3:1-17 NEW SERIES
  43. Seeking Christ: The Trial of the Risen Life, Col.3:1-2
  44. Security in Christ: The Triumph of the Risen Life, Col.3:3-4
  45. Putting Your Sin to Death, Col.3:5
  46. Motives for Mortifying Your Sin, Col.3:6-7
  47. Putting Off the Old Man, Col.3:8-9
  48. Putting on the New Man, Col.3:9-11
  49. Clothes with Grace, Col.3:12-13
  50. The Beauty of a Gracious Spirit, Col.3:14-15
  51. The Way of True Worship, Col.3:16-7
  52. Serving the Lord in Your Relationships: Introduction to Col.3:18-4:6 NEW SERIES
  53. The Principles of a Godly Christian Marriage, Col.3:18-19
  54. The Duty of a Godly Wife: Reverent Submission, Col.3:18
  55. The Duty of a Godly Husband: Sacrificial Love, Col.3:19
  56. The Duty of Godly Children: Faithful Obedience, Col.3:20
  57. The Duty of Godly Parents: Gracious Discipline, Col.3:21
  58. The Duty of Godly Servants: Faithful Service, Col.3:22-25
  59. The Duty of Godly Masters: Generous Support, Col.4:1
  60. Transforming the World for Christ by Prayer, Col.4:2-4
  61. Transforming the World for Christ by Testimony, Col.4:5-6
  62. Fellow Workers for the Kingdom of God: Introduction to Col.4:7-18 NEW SERIES
  63. A Ministerial Delegation to Trust, Col.4:7-9
  64. The Saint’s Communion Together in Christ: Greetings and Commendations – Pt.1, Col.4:10-11
  65. The Saint’s Support in Prayer: Greetings and Commendations – Pt.2, Col.4:12-14
  66. Paul’s Parting Counsel – Pt.1: Fellowship in the Word of God, Col.4:15-16
  67. Paul’s Parting Counsel – Pt.2: Ministry and the Word of Grace, Col.4:17-18
  68. Our Sufficiency in Christ: A Summary of Paul’s Letter to the Colossians*