Series on Titus

This is a series of 42 expository sermons on Paul’s pastoral letter to Titus. They were preached in the evening service in 1997 near the beginning of my preaching ministry. Paul’s letter to Titus is a brief but brilliant pocket guide and handbook on Biblical reformation. The book can be carefully read in 10-15 minutes; although it takes much longer to fully understand the depths of this little book. If only pastors and Christian leaders today would seriously read, study, and take heed to the counsel Paul gives to Titus in this letter. There are three chapters to the book and three sections based on the three chapters. We see here: I. The Priority of Reformation in the Church’s Leadership. II. The Practice of Reformation in the Church’s Membership. And III. The Prospect of Reformation in the Church’s Discipline. I recall when preaching through this series a number of spiritual helps and aids that I used that greatly blessed me in these early days of ministry: John Calvin’s Sermons on the Pastoral Epistles, Thomas Taylor’s great Puritan commentary on Titus, and also the Westminster Standards. It was this series on Titus that confirmed in my life and ministry a commitment to faithful preaching and Biblical reformation in the midst of an otherwise liberal and apostate generation.

  1. A Pocket Guide to Reforming the Church: An Introduction to Paul’s Letter to Titus
  2. The Marks of Faithful Servant of Christ, Tit.1:1 NEW SERIES
  3. The Mission of the Gospel, Tit.1:2
  4. The Word of the Gospel, Tit.1:2-3
  5. A Sound Preaching Ministry, Tit.1:3
  6. The Pattern of Biblical Discipleship, Tit.1:4
  7. The Marks of a Godly Christian Leader: Introduction to Tit.1:5-9 NEW SERIES
  8. Ministerial Integrity: A Blameless Life, Tit.1:6
  9. Family Purity:  An Example of Godliness, Tit.1:6-7
  10. Spiritual Self-Mastery: A Pattern of Self-Denial, Tit.1:6-7
  11. Godly Piety: A Model of Grace and Virtue, Tit.1:8
  12. Teaching Authority: A Commitment to Scripture and Sound Doctrine, Tit.1:9
  13. Silencing False Teachers and Religious Deceivers: Introduction to Tit.1:10-16 NEW SERIES
  14. Confronting the Danger of False Teachers, Tit.1:10-11
  15. Combating the Influence of False Teachers, Tit.1:12-14
  16. Condemning the Work of False Teachers, Tit.1:15-16
  17. The Order of a Godly Church: Introduction to Tit.2:1-10 NEW SERIES
  18. The Spiritual Health of Older Men, Tit.2:2
  19. The Spiritual Health of Older Women, Tit.2:3-5
  20. The Spiritual Health of Younger Women, Tit.2:4-5
  21. The Spiritual Health of Younger Men, Tit.2:6-8
  22. The Spiritual Health of Servants, Tit.2:9-10
  23. The Method of Saving Grace: Introduction to Tit.2:11-15 NEW SERIES
  24. The Grace  of God has Appeared to All Men, Tit.2:11
  25. The Grace of God Trains Us to Godliness, Tit.2:12
  26. The Grace of God Prepares Us fro Glory, Tit.2:13
  27. The Grace of God Redeems Us from Sin, Tit.2:14
  28. The Grace of God Purifies Us from all Iniquity, Tit.2:14
  29. The Preaching Authority of Grace, Tit.2:15
  30. Reforming the Church and the Ministry, Summary of Tit.2:11-15
  31. Christian Living in a Pagan Society: Introduction to Tit.3:1-8 NEW SERIES
  32. The Godly Christian Citizen, Tit.3:1-2
  33. The Christian’s Self-Trial: Reason for Walking in Humility, Tit.3:3
  34. The Goodness of God in Salvation: Reason for Christian Philanthropy, Phil.3:4-5
  35. Regeneration by the Spirit: The Source and Power of True Reformation, Phil.3:5-6
  36. Justification and the Hope of Eternal Life, Tit.3:7
  37. Doing Good Works in a Pagan Society, Tit.3:8
  38. Guidelines for Godly Church Discipline: Introduction to Tit.3:9-15 NEW SERIES
  39. Banning Heresy and Dissension, Tit.3:9
  40. Rejecting the Divisive and Ungodly, Tit.3:10-11
  41. Promoting Fellow Servants of Reformation, Tit.3:12-13
  42. Encouraging Good Works and Gracious Words, Tit, 3:14-15
  43. A Pocket Guide to Reformation: Summary and Conclusion to Titus*