Series on Philippians

This is a series of 67 expository sermons on Paul’s letter to the Philippians  preached in the evening over a 2 year period from 2004-2005. Philippians is all about rejoicing in the Lord and the spiritual joy that believers have in Christ as they live by faith in Christ and His word and grow increasingly in godliness.  The letter is one of the most inspirational and devotional of all NT letters, and has been a great encouragement to believers through Church history. There are many passages in the letter which are frequently quoted and memorized for this purpose, to bring joy and encouragement to believers suffering through trials.

  1. Paul and the Philippians: An Historical Introduction to Philippians NEW SERIES: Joy and Godliness in Christ
  2. Living for Christ with Joy: A Theological Introduction to Philippians
  3. The Servants of Jesus Christ, Phil.1:1
  4. Greetings of Joy to Saints, Phil.1:1
  5. Blessings of Grace and Peace, Phil.1:2
  6. Giving Thanks to God with Joy, Phil.1:3-5 NEW SERIES: A Life of Joy and Thanksgiving
  7. A Confident Trust in God’s Preserving Grace, Phil.1:6
  8. The Bonds of Christian Fellowship, Phil.1:7-8
  9. The Joy of Intercessory Prayer, Phil.1:9-10
  10. The Steps to Joy and Godliness, Phil.1:9-11
  11. Suffering for Christ with Joy, Phil.1:12 NEW SERIES Suffering for Christ with Joy
  12. Bearing the Cross with Confidence, Phil.1:13-14
  13. The Trial of a Sincere Ministry, Phil.1:15-17
  14. Rejoicing in the Gospel, Phil.1:15-18
  15. Living for Christ in the Midst of Adversity, Phil.1:19-20 NEW SERIES To Live for Christ
  16. To Live for Christ. Phil.1:20-21
  17. Living for Christ between Life and Death, Phil.1:22-24
  18. Serving the Saints with Joy, Phil.1:24-26
  19. Walking Worthy of the Gospel, Phil.1:27-28 NEW SERIES Walking Worthy of Christ
  20. Suffering for Christ’s Sake, Phil.1:28-30
  21. Reasons for Church Peace and Unity, Phil.2:1
  22. Signs of Spiritual Peace and Unity, Phil.2:1-2
  23. Humility and the Way to Christian Peace, Phil.2:3-4
  24. Having the Humility of Christ, Phil.2:5
  25. Practical Directives for Pursuing Spiritual Peace and Unity in Christ, Phil.2:5
  26. The Blessedness of Christian Humility, Phil.2:5
  27. The Humiliation and Exaltation of Christ, Intro to Phil.2:5-11 NEW SERIES The Humiliation and Exaltation of Christ
  28. The Mystery of Christ’s Incarnation, Phil.2:6-7
  29. Christ’s Suffering and Death on the Cross, Phil.2:8
  30. Christ’s Exaltation and Glory, Phil.2:9
  31. Christ’s Lordship over the All Things, Phil.2:10-11
  32. Singing of the Glory of Christ: A Summary of Phil.2:5-11
  33. Working Out Your Own Salvation, Phil.2:12-13 NEW SERIES Shining as Lights in a World of Darkness
  34. Living Blameless in a Perverse Generation, Phil.2:14-15
  35. Shining Lights in a World of Darkness, Phil.2:15-16
  36. Rejoicing in the Service of the Gospel, Phil.2:17-18
  37. Learning Christ from a Godly Example: Intro to Phil.2:19-30 NEW SERIES Learning Christ from Faithful Ministers
  38. Commending the Faithful to Service: The Sending of Timothy, Phil.2:19-21
  39. A Faithful Servant of the Gospel: The Service of Timothy, Phil.2:22-24
  40. Sacrificing Your Life for Others: The Commendation of Epaphroditus, Phil.2:25-27
  41. Holding the Godly in Esteem: The Character of Epaphroditus, Phil.2:28-30
  42. The Safety of Rejoicing in the Lord, Phil.3:1 NEW SERIES The Joy of Knowing Christ
  43. The Peril of False Teachers, Phil.3:2-3
  44. The Vanity of a False Confidence, Phil.3:4-7
  45. The Excellency of the Knowledge of Christ, Phil.3:7-8
  46. The Righteousness of God, Phil.3:9
  47. The Blessed Pursuit of Knowing Christ, Phil.3:10-11
  48. Pressing Toward the Mark, Phil.3:12 NEW SERIES Pressing Toward the Mark
  49. The Upward Call of God in Christ, Phil.3:13-14
  50. Keeping on the Path to Spiritual Maturity, Phil.3:15-16
  51. The Right Pace in the Christian Race, Phil.3:17
  52. Enemies of the Cross of Christ, Phil.3:18-19
  53. The Glory and Triumph of the Christian Race, Phil.3:20-21
  54. Standing Fast in the Lord, Phil.4:1 NEW SERIES Steps to Spiritual Maturity in Christ
  55. Female Piety and Peace in the Church, Phil.4:2-3
  56. Helpers in Peacemaking, Phil.4:3
  57. Rejoicing in the Lord Always, Phil.4:4-5
  58. Prayer and the Peace of God, Phil.4:6-7
  59. The Blessing of Godly Meditation, Phil.4:8
  60. A Life of Practical Godliness, Phil.4:9
  61. The Joy of Godly Contentment, Phil.4:10-11 NEW SERIES The Joy of Godly Contentment
  62. Learning to be Content, Phil.4:12-13
  63. Sharing with the Faithful in Need, Phil.4:14-16
  64. An Acceptable Sacrifice and Offering, Phil.4:17-18
  65. The Sufficiency of Christ and the Supply of All Our Needs, Phil.4:19-20
  66. Greeting the Saints with Joy, Phil.4:21-22
  67. The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, Phil.4:23