Series on Matthew

This is a series of 445 sermons preached on the Gospel of Matthew over a 10 year period. It is a comprehensive Biblical, Historical, and Theological exposition of the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ recorded for us in the Gospel of Matthew. Throughout the series, I bring out the several most important themes and doctrinal truths of the Gospel of Matthew and their significance for the Church and the Christian life. This includes Matthew’s focus on the Kingship of the Lord Jesus Christ, His fulfillment of OT Scripture and prophecy, the establishment of the New Covenant, the place and importance of the Church and the kingdom of God, the path of discipleship in following Christ, love for God and obedience to His commandments in the Christian life, and the accomplishment of God’s saving purposes and our redemption through great events of Jesus’ death and resurrection. I go into exhaustive detail into each of the several sermons recorded in the Gospel of Matthew, especially: The Sermon on the Mount (Ch.5-7), The Parables of the Kingdom (Ch.13), The Coming Glory of Christ (Ch.24-25), and a lengthy series on The Great Commission (28:18-20). In each sermon, I include a number of quotes from the Early Church fathers, the Reformers, the Puritans, and others on the passage or subject that I am expounding on. Throughout the series, I will also often bring out the relationship between the Four Gospels, and how they harmonize, and why they are written with their distinct purpose. The Gospel of Matthew is written to exemplify Christ’s Kingly office. It is written in relation to the Major prophet Isaiah. The Gospel of Mark was written to exemplify Christ’s Prophetic office. It is written in relation to the Major Prophet Jeremiah. The Gospel of Luke is written to exemplify Christ’s Priestly Office. And so it follows the Major Prophet Ezekiel, the priest. And the Gospel of John was written to magnify Christ’s divine glory as the Son of God and the glory of the incarnation. It was written like the Major prophet Daniel. Knowing the unique features of the 4 Gospels and their relationship greatly helps in studying the New Testament and growing in the knowledge of Christ.

These sermons on the Gospel of Matthew were the beginning and foundation of my preaching ministry, that has now spanned 30 years. The Gospel of Matthew has been throughout the history of the Church the most important of the four Gospels for preaching and teaching, for many reasons. It is the first of the four Gospels and has priority over the others. There is a long line of ministers therefore who have preached at length through the Gospel of Matthew, including John Chrysostom, Huldreich Zwingli, John Calvin, Augustine Marloratus, Richard Ward, Matthew Henry, David Dickson, C.H. Spurgeon, J.C. Ryle, John MacArthur, and many others. This series of 440 sermons is, in fact, the largest and the most comprehensive work ever done. And it is from an entirely Christ-centered, God-glorifying, Puritan and Reformed view full of pastoral and spiritual application to the church and the Christian life. After 30 years of studying the Gospel of Matthew and lecturing many times on the Biblical and Theological overview of the Gospels and the NT as a whole, there are certainly a number of things that I would add, edit, or change to the work if and when it was ever published. But here it stands. It is likely too large and massive of a commentary for modern book publishers to publish. Puritan works are not popular except in abridged versions. If I get the support and the time that I need to do the editing, I will publish it myself. It would consist of between 6000-7000 pages; or 10 volumes of 600-700 pages each.

  1. The Gospel of the Kingdom, Pt.1: A Canonical Introduction
  2. The Gospel of the Kingdom, Pt.2: A Theological Introduction
  3. The Genealogy of Jesus Christ the King, Intro to Mt.1:1-17 NEW SERIES
  4. The Rise of the Kingdom: The Patriarchal Age and Down, Mt.1:2-6
  5. The Ruin of the Kingdom: The Monarchical Age and Down, Mt.1:6-11
  6. The Realization of the Kingdom: The Providential Age and Down, Mt.1:12-17
  7. The Incarnation of the King, Intro to Mt.1:18-25 NEW SERIES
  8. The Supernatural Conception of Jesus Christ, Mt.1:18-19
  9. The Heavenly Annunciation of Jesus Christ, Mt.1:20-21
  10. The Glorious Prediction of Jesus Christ, Mt.1:22-23
  11. The Humble Generation of Jesus Christ, Mt.1:24-25
  12. The Infancy of Christ the King, Intro to Mt.2:1-23 NEW SERIES
  13. The Search of the Magi for Christ, Mt.2:1-2
  14. The Trouble of Herod over Christ, Mt.2:3-8
  15. Christ Found and Adored by the Magi, Mt.2:9-12
  16. Christ’s Escape to Egypt, Mt.2:13-15
  17. Herod’s Slaughter of the Infants, Mt.2:16-18
  18. Christ’s Return to Nazareth, Mt.2:19-23
  19. The Ministry of John the Baptist – Part 1: The Prophet of Repentance, Mt.3:1-3 NEW SERIES
  20. The Ministry of John the Baptist – Part 2: The Preaching of Repentance, Mt.3:4-6
  21. The Ministry of John the Baptist – Part 3: Repentance and the Wrath of God, Mt.3:7-10
  22. The Ministry of John the Baptist – Part 4: The Coming of the Lord, Mt.3:11-12
  23. The Sanction of Christ’s Baptism, Mt.3:13-15
  24. The Service of Christ’s Baptism, Mt.3:16-17
  25. The Trial of Christ in Temptation: Introduction, Mt.4:1-2 NEW SERIES
  26. Christ’s Perfect Victory over Doubt: The Test of Faith, Mt.4:2-4
  27. Christ’s Perfect Victory over Presumption: The Test of Obedience, Mt.4:5-7
  28. Christ’s Perfect Victory over Idolatry: The Test of Worship, Mt.4:8-10
  29. The Triumph of Christ over Temptation: Conclusion, Mt.4:11
  30. Christ’ Glorious Ministry: Introduction to Mt.4:12-25 NEW SERIES
  31. The Light Shining in the Darkness, Mt.4:12-17
  32. The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand, Mt.4:17
  33. Christ’s Call to Discipleship Ministry, Mt.4:18-22
  34. The Glory of Christ’s Three-fold Ministry, Mt.4:23-25
  35. Following Jesus Christ, A Summary of Mt.4:12-25
  36. The Sermon on the Mount: Christ’s Charter of Discipleship, Introduction to Mt.5-7 NEW SERIES
  37. Christ on the Mount: The Majesty of Christ and His Teaching Authority, Mt.5:1-2
  38. Christ and the Beatitudes, Introduction to Mt.5:3-12
  39. The Blessedness of Being Poor in Spirit, Mt.5:3
  40. The Blessedness of Holy Mourning, Mt.5:4
  41. The Blessedness of Christian Meekness, Mt.5:5
  42. The Blessedness of Hungering after Righteousness, Mt.5:6
  43. The Blessedness of Christian Mercy, Mt.5:7
  44. The Blessedness of Heart Purity, Mt.5:8
  45. The Blessedness of the Peacemakers, Mt.5:9
  46. The Blessedness of Suffering Persecution, Mt.5:10
  47. Rejoicing in Tribulation for Christ’s Sake, Mt.5:11-12
  48. Influencing the World for Christ: Introduction to the Beatitudes, Mt.5:13-16 NEW SERIES
  49. You are the Salt of the Earth, Mt.5:13
  50. You are the Light of the World, Mt.5:14-16
  51. Let Your Light Shine, Mt.5:16
  52. Christ and the Law of God: Introduction to Mt.5:17-48 NEW SERIES
  53. Christ the Fulfillment of the Law, Mt.5:17
  54. The Law Established in the Gospel, Mt.5:18
  55. Upholding God’s Law and Commandments, Mt.5:19
  56. Obedience to God’s Commandments: A True and Greater Righteousness, Mt.5:20
  57. A Righteousness of the Heart: Introduction to Mt.5:21-48
  58. The Dangerous Sin of Heart Murder, Mt.5:21-22
  59. Reconciliation and Redemption: Healing Broken Relationships, Mt.5:23-26
  60. The Dangerous Sin of Heart Adultery, Mt.5:27-28
  61. Putting to Death the Sins of the Flesh, Mt.5:29-30
  62. The Dangerous Sins of Divorce and Adultery, Mt.5:31-32
  63. Solemn Vows and the Sin of Swearing Falsely, Mt.5:33-37
  64. Keeping Your Oaths and Vows to the Lord, Mt.5:37
  65. Seeking Justice and the Sin of Self-Retaliation, Mt.5:38-42
  66. A Life of Personal Sacrifice, Mt.5:38-42
  67. Loving Your Enemies and The Sin of Personal Hatred, Mt.5:43-48
  68. Loving Your Enemies: The Work and Witness of Christian Love, Mt.5:44-48
  69. A Life of True Devotion: Introduction to Mt.6:1-18 NEW SERIES
  70. Giving without Hypocrisy, Mt.6:2-4
  71. Praying without Hypocrisy, Mt.6:5-8
  72. Fasting without Hypocrisy, Mt.6:16-18
  73. The Lord’s Prayer: An Introduction – Part 1, Mt.6:9-13 NEW SERIES
  74. The Lord’s Prayer: An Introduction – Part 2, Mt.6:9-13
  75. Addressing God the Father in Prayer: Our Father in Heaven, Mt.6:9
  76. Hallowed be Your Name: The First Petition, Mt.6:9
  77. Your Kingdom Come: The Second Petition, Mt.6:10
  78. Your Will be Done: The Third Petition, Mt.6:10
  79. Give us This Day Our Daily Bread: The Fourth Petition, Mt.6:11
  80. Forgive Us Our Debts: the Fifth Petition, Mt.6:12
  81. Lead Us not into Temptation: The Sixth Petition, Mt.6:13
  82. Deliver Us from Evil: The Seventh Petition, Mt.6:13
  83. Glorifying God the Father in Prayer: Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, Mt.6:13
  84. Extending Forgiveness to Others: An Appendix to the Lord’s Prayer, Mt.6:14-15
  85. Seeking First the Kingdom of God, Introduction to Mt.6:19-34 NEW SERIES
  86. Laying Up Treasures in Heaven, Mt.6:19-21
  87. Keeping a Single Eye for God’s Glory, Mt.6:22-23
  88. Serving God Your One True Master, Mt.6:24
  89. A Life of True Contentment: Living without Anxiety, Mt.6:25
  90. Trusting Your Father to Feed You, Mt.6:26-30
  91. Trusting Your Father to Clothe You, Mt.6:26-30
  92. Overcoming a Life of Worry, Mt.6:31-33
  93. Seeking First the Kingdom of God, Mt.6:33*
  94. Justice and Love: Pursuing Righteousness in Your Personal Relationships: Introduction to Mt.7:1-12 NEW SERIES
  95. The Danger of Judging Others Falsely, Mt.7:1-2
  96. The Solemn Work of Reproving Others, Mt.7:1-5
  97. Judging with Spiritual Discernment, Mt.7:6
  98. Seeking the Grace of God by Prayer, Mt.7:7-8
  99. Seeking God’s Blessing: The Pattern of Our Loving, Mt.7:9-11
  100. The Golden Rule: The Sum and Standard of Christian Love, Mt.7:12
  101. Christ’s Warnings in the Way to Life: Introduction to Mt.7:13-27 NEW SERIES
  102. Beware of False Prophets, Mt.7:15-17
  103. Bearing the Fruit of Righteousness, Mt.7:17-20
  104. The Danger of Religious Deception, Mt.7:21-23
  105. Building Your Faith on the Rock, Mt.7:24-27
  106. Submitting to Christ’s Lordship, Mt.7:28-29
  107. Finding Assurance by Following Christ: A Summary of the Sermon on the Mount
  108. The Glory of Christ Revealed in His Miracles, Introduction to Mt.8-9 NEW SERIES
  109. The Cleansing Power of Jesus Christ: Jesus Healing of a Leper, Mt.8:1-4
  110. The Healing Grace of Jesus Christ: Jesus Healing of the Centurion’s Servant, Mt.8:5-13
  111. The Restoring Mercy of Jesus Christ: Jesus Healing of Peter’s Mother in Law, Mt.8:14-17
  112. The Cost of Discipleship: Overcoming Hindrances, Mt.8:18-22
  113. Christ’s Stilling the Tempest: Jesus Calming of the Storm, Mt.8:23-27
  114. Christ’s Power over the Demons: Jesus Deliverance of the Demoniacs, Mt.8:28-34
  115. Christ’s Healing of the Paralytic, Mt.9:1-8
  116. Christ’s Calling Sinners to Repentance, Mt.9:9-13
  117. Christ’s Calling His Disciples to Rejoice: New Wine into New Wine skins, Mt.9:14-17
  118. Christ Restores Children to Life: The Raising of Jairus’ Daughter, Mt.9:18-26
  119. Christ’s Cleansing Grace and Virtue: Jesus Healing of the Woman with an Issue of Blood, Mt.9:19-22
  120. Christ Restoring the Sight to the Blind: Jesus Restoring the Sight of Two Blind men, Mt.9:27-31
  121. Christ Restoring Speech to the Mute: The Healing of the Dumb and Demon Possessed Man, Mt.9:32-34
  122. The Saving Mission of Christ and the Harvest of the Kingdom, Mt.9:35-38
  123. Sickness and Divine Healing: How to Deal with Sickness in the Church and Family of God, Mt.9:35
  124. Hallmarks of a Reforming Mission, Introduction to Mt.10:1-42 NEW SERIES
  125. Christ’s Commission to His Disciples: The Sanction of a Reforming Mission, Mt.10:1
  126. The Apostles of Jesus Christ: The Servants of Reformation, Mt.10:2-4
  127. Restoring the Lost Sheep of Israel: The Scope of Reformation, Mt.10:5-10
  128. Ministering to the Worthy: The Strategy of Reformation, Mt.10:11-15
  129. Handling Persecution for Christ: The Cross of Reformation, Mt.10:16-20
  130. Enduring Persecution for Christ: The Sacrifice of Reformation, Mt.10:16-25
  131. Advancing the Gospel without Fear: The Security of a Reforming Mission, Mt.10:26-31
  132. Confessing Christ with Courage: The Standard of a Reforming Mission, Mt.10:32-33
  133. The Priority of Serving Christ: The Service of Reformation, Mt.10:34-39
  134. Rightly Receiving the Gospel: The Support of a Reforming Mission, Mt.10:40-42
  135. The Blessedness of Rightly Receiving the Gospel: The Fruit of a Reforming Mission, Summary of Mt.10
  136. The Coming of the Kingdom of Christ: Introduction to Mt.11 NEW SERIES
  137. Confirming Your Faith in Christ: The Question of John the Baptist, Mt.11:2-6
  138. Following a Faithful Ministry: The Testimony of John the Baptist, Mt.11:7-15
  139. Heaven Taken by Storm: Pressing into the Kingdom, Mt.11:12
  140. The Gospel Scorned by Fools, Mt.11:16-19
  141. Judgment on the Unrepentant: Christ Woes Denounced Upon Unrepentant Cities, Mt.11:20-24
  142. Christ’s Thanksgiving for God the Father’s Plan of Redemption, Mt.11:25-27
  143. Christ’s Call and Invitation to Sinners, Mt.11:28-30 NEW SERIES
  144. The Sinner’s Labor and Weariness without Christ, Mt.11:28-30
  145. A True Believer’s Rest in Christ, Mt.11:28-30
  146. Taking Up the Yoke of Christ, Mt.11:28-30
  147. The Meekness and Gentleness of Christ, Mt.11:29
  148. Learning from Christ in the School of God, Mt.11:29
  149. Christ in Religious Controversy: Avowing the Lordship of Christ in an Age of False Religion, Intro to Mt.12 NEW SERIES
  150. Christ the Lord of the Sabbath: The Lord’s Day and the Lordship of Christ, Mt.12:1-8
  151. The Sabbath a Day of Healing, Mt.12:9-15
  152. Christ’s Mediatorial Virtue and Victory, Mt.12:15-21
  153. Weak Grace Victorious, Mt.12:20
  154. Christ the Lord of the Spirit: Christ’s Power to Heal and Save, Mt.12:22-25
  155. Christ Plundering the House of the Devil, Mt.12:25-30
  156. Christ’s Solemn Rebuke of Blasphemers: The Unpardonable Sin against the Holy Spirit, Mt.12:31-37
  157. Christ and the Sign of the Prophet Jonah, Mt.12:38-42
  158. The Danger of Apostasy and Resisting the Holy Spirit, Mt.12:43-45
  159. The True Family of Jesus Christ: Doing the Will of God the Father, Mt.12:46-50
  160. The Parables of Christ’s Kingdom, Introduction to Mt.13:1-52 NEW SERIES
  161. Christ’s Preaching of His Parables, Mt.13:1-3
  162. The Glory of Christ in the Parable of the Sower, Mt.13:3-9
  163. Rightly Receiving the Word of God: Showing 4 Ways People Respond to the Gospel, Mt.13:3-9
  164. The Blessedness of Bearing Fruit to God, Mt.13:23
  165. The Mystery of Grace in Salvation: The Purpose of Christ’s Parables, Mt.13:10-17
  166. The Kingdom’s Conflict with the World: The Parable of the Tares – Pt.1, Mt.13:24-30, 36-39
  167. Anticipating the Harvest of Divine Judgment: The Parable of the Tares – Pt.2, Mt.13:36-43
  168. The Triumphant Growth of the Kingdom of God: The Parable of the Mustard Seed, Mt.13:31-32
  169. The Transforming Power of the Kingdom of God: The Parable of the Leaven, Mt.13:33
  170. The Incomparable Value of the Kingdom of God: The Parable of the Hidden Treasure, Mt.13:44
  171. The Incredible Splendor of the Kingdom of God:  The Parable of the Pearl of Great Price, Mt.13:45-46
  172. The Consummation of the Kingdom of God: The Parable of the Dragnet, Mt.13:47-50
  173. The Ministry of the Kingdom of God: The Parable of the Householder, Mt.13:51-52
  174. Responding in Faith to Christ: Introduction to Mt.13:53-14:36 NEW SERIES
  175. The Danger of Despising Christ: Jesus Rejected in Nazareth, Mt.13:53-58
  176. The Martyrdom of John the Baptist, Mt.14:1-12
  177. Trusting in the Grace and Provision of Christ: Jesus’ Feeding of the 5000 – Pt.1, Mt.14:13-21
  178. Feasting with Christ in the Wilderness: Jesus Feeding of the 5000 – Pt.2, Mt.14:13-21
  179. The Glory of Christ on the Sea: Jesus Walking on the Water – Pt.1, Mt.14:22-27
  180. The Saint’s Spiritual Support from Christ in the Waters of Trial and Temptation, Mt.14:28-33
  181. The Healing Virtue of Christ, Mt.14:34-36
  182. True Worship and the Way to Holiness, Introduction to Mt.15:1-39 NEW SERIES
  183. The Danger of False Worship and Human Traditions, Mt.15:1-9
  184. The Sinfulness of Sin and the Source of Spiritual Defilement, Mt.15:10-20
  185. The Humility of True Worship: The Woman of Canaan’s Humble Petition to Christ, Mt.15:21-28
  186. Worship and Spiritual Healing: Jesus Healing of the Multitudes, Mt.15:29-31
  187. Feeding on the Word of Christ: Christ’s Feeding of the 4000, Mt.15:32-29
  188. The Church’s True Confession of Christ, Introduction to Mt.16 NEW SERIES
  189. The Sin of Seeking after Signs, Mt.16:1-4
  190. Looking Out for the Leaven of False Doctrine, Mt.16:5-12
  191. Confessing Christ in the Provinces of Your Life, Mt.16:13
  192. The Trial and Testimony of a True Confession of Faith in Christ, Mt.6:13-16
  193. Jesus Christ: The Saint’s Supreme Confession of Faith, Mt.16:13-16
  194. Christ’s Benediction upon Your Christian Confession, Mt.16:13-17
  195. The Church that Christ Builds, Mt.16:18
  196. The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, Mt.16:18-19
  197. The Testimony and Offense of the Cross, Mt.16:20-23
  198. The Cost of Discipleship in Taking Up the Cross of Christ, Mt.16:24-28
  199. The Church’s Faithful Service Under the Cross, Introduction to Mt.17:1-27 NEW SERIES
  200. Beholding Christ Transfigured in Glory, Mt.17:1-8
  201. Preaching like the Prophets, Mt.17:9-13
  202. Healing and Reformation in the Family, Mt.17:14-21
  203. Living Under the Cross, Mt.17:22-23
  204. Paying Your Temple Tax for Christ, Mt.17:24-27
  205. Glorying in the Cross, An Appendix to Mt.17, Gal.6:14
  206. Living Under the Discipline of Christ’s Church: A Practical Guide to Church Fellowship, Intro to Mt.18 NEW SERIES
  207. Entering Christ’s Kingdom in Humility, Mt.18:1-5
  208. Overcoming Offenses by a Life of Personal Repentance, Mt.18:5-9
  209. Caring for the Little Ones in Christ, Mt.18:10-14
  210. The Crisis of the Church’s Discipline: Obstacles to Spiritual Care and Discipline, Mt.18:15-20
  211. God’s Design for His People’s Care: The Need for Church Discipline, Mt.18:15-20
  212. The Danger of Judging Other’s Falsely, Mt.18:15
  213. Removing the Plank before Reproving Your Brother, Mt.18:15
  214. The Grounds of Godly Discipline, Mt,18:15-20
  215. The Steps to Godly Discipline, Mt.18:15-20
  216. Christ’s Sanction and Support of Church Discipline, Mt.18:18-20
  217. Learning to Forgive for Christ’s Sake, Mt.18:21-22
  218. The Grace and Freedom of God’s Forgiveness: The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant – Pt.1, Mt.18:23-27
  219. The Danger of an Unforgiving Heart: The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant – Pt.2, Mt.18:28-35
  220. Domestic Godliness: God’s Will for Your Family and Finances, Introduction to Mt.19:1-30 NEW SERIES
  221. Committing Your Marriage to Christ, Mt.19:1-6
  222. The Danger and Defilement of Divorce, Mt.19:3-9
  223. Embracing Christ’s Will for Your Marriage, Mt.19:10-11
  224. Devoting Your Singleness to Christ, Mt.19:11-12
  225. The Duty of a Godly Wife in Marriage: Reverent Submission, Eph.5:22-24
  226. The Duty of a Godly Husband in Marriage: Sacrificial Love, Eph.5:25-33
  227. Christ’s Favor to Little Children, Mt.19:13-15
  228. The Duty of Covenant Children: Humble Obedience, Eph.6:1-3
  229. The Duty of Godly Parents: Bring Your Children Up for Christ, Eph.6:4*
  230. Bring Your Children Up in the Nurture and Admonition of the Lord – Pt.1, Eph.6:4*
  231. Bring Your Children Up in the Nurture and Admonition of the Lord – Pt.2, Eph.6:4*
  232. Consecrating Your Finances to the Lord, Mt.19:16-30
  233. The Snare of Riches: Christ’s Counsel to the Rich Young Ruler, Mt.19:16-22
  234. The Peril of Riches: Christ’s Warning to the Disciples, Mt.19:23-26
  235. The Reward and Blessing of Following Christ, Mt.19:27-30
  236. The Service and Sacrifice of Godly Leadership, Introduction to Mt.20:1-34 NEW SERIES
  237. Servants of Christ and Workers in the Vineyard: Jesus Parable of the Householder, Mt.20:1-16
  238. Servants of the Cross: Following Christ in the School of Christian Leadership, Mt.20:17-19
  239. Jesus Christ: Our Glorious Leader, Mt.20:17-19
  240. Exposing the Sin of Selfish Ambition, Mt.20:20-23
  241. The Godly Ambition of Christian Service, Mt.20:25-28
  242. Receiving Your Spiritual Sight: Christ’s Grace and Glory Revealed in the Healing of the Blind, Mt.20:29-34
  243. The Church’s Purification from Sin, Introduction to Mt.21:1-27 NEW SERIES
  244. Christ’s Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem: Preparation and Prophecy – Pt.1, Mt.21:1-5
  245. Christ’s Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem: The Reception and Praise given to Christ – Pt.2, Mt.21:1-5
  246. Christ’s Cleansing the Temple, Mt.21:10-13
  247. Christ’s Ministry in the Temple, Mt.21:12-17
  248. Christ’s Cursing of the Barren Fig Tree, Mt.21:18-22
  249. Christ’s Authority over the Temple, Mt.21:23-27
  250. The Cleansing Virtue of Christ’s Blood: A Christological Summary of Mt.21:1-27
  251. The Blessedness of a Sanctified Life: A Spiritual Summary of Mt.21:1-27
  252. Christ’s Parables of Judgment and His Rebuke of False Teachers, Mt.21:28-22:14 NEW SERIES
  253. Christ’s Plea for an Obedient Faith: Jesus’ Parable of the Two Sons, Mt.21:28-32
  254. Christ’s Rebuke and Judgment on False Teachers: Jesus’ Parable of the Wicked Vinedressers, Mt.21:33-46
  255. Christ’s Final Rebuke and Judgment on False Teachers: Jesus’ Parable of the Wedding Feast, Mt.22:1-14
  256. Christ’s Sovereign Authority Vindicated, Introduction to Mt.22:15-46 NEW SERIES
  257. Rendering Your Tribute to God and to Caesar, Mt.22:15-22
  258. The Godly Christian Citizen: How to Properly Render Tribute to Caesar, Mt.22:15-22
  259. Christ’s Divine Glory and the Basis of His Sovereign Authority, Mt.22:15-22
  260. Christ and the Resurrection of Life: Jesus’ Response to The Pharisees – Pt.1, Mt.22:23-33
  261. Christ and the Resurrection of the Dead: Jesus’ Response to the Pharisees – Pt.2, Mt.22:23-33
  262. The Comfort of the Resurrection: Jesus’ Response to the Pharisees – Pt.3, Mt.22:23-33
  263. Loving God: The Great Commandments of God’s Law, Introduction to Mt.22:34-40 NEW SERIES
  264. Love for God, the First and Great Commandment: The Biblical and Historical Context, Mt.22:37-38
  265. Love for God: Why It is the First and Great Commandment, Mt.22:37-38
  266. Loving God: How We Show that We Truly Love Him, Mt.22:37-38
  267. How Do I Love thee, O Lord? Reasons for Loving God, Mt.22:37-38
  268. The God of Our Love and Affection: The Holy Trinity and True Devotion, Mt.22:37-38
  269. The Fruit and Blessedness of Loving God, Mt.22:37-38
  270. The Great Virtue of Loving God First, Mt.22:37-38
  271. The Several Degrees of Loving God, Mt.22:37-38
  272. How to Grow in the Love of God, Mt.22:37-38
  273. Obstacles to Growing in the Love of God, Mt.22:37-38
  274. The Love of God Triumphant, Mt.22:37-38′
  275. The Mystery of Christ’s Sovereign Glory: David’s Son and David’s Lord – Pt.1, Mt.22:41-46
  276. The Claims of Christ’s Sovereign Glory: David’s Son and David’s Lord – Pt.2, Mt.22:41-46
  277. Christ’s Condemnation of False Teachers: Jesus Sermon of Seven Woes, An Introduction to Mt.23:1-39 NEW SERIES
  278. The Evil Nature of False Teachers, Exposed and Made Plain by Christ, Mt.23:1-7
  279. The Service of Faithful Ministers Commended by Christ, Mt.23:8-12
  280. Christ’s Woes of Wrath and Judgment on False Teachers, Mt.22:13-33
  281. Christ’s First Three Woes upon False Teachers, Mt.23:13-15
  282. Christ Curse upon False Teachers, Mt.23:16-22
  283. Christ’s Three Woes on the Religious Hypocrisy of False Teachers, Mt.23:23-28
  284. Christ’s Curse upon His Persecutors, Mt.23:29-33
  285. Judgment on a Wicked Generation: Jesus’ last Words to Israel – Pt.1, Mt.23:34-36
  286. The House of Israel Left Desolate: Jesus’ Last Words to Israel – Pt.2, Mt.23:37-39
  287. The Glory of Christ’s Kingship Revealed in the Gospel of Matthew, A Structural Overview of the Gospel
  288. Christ’s Second Coming and the End Times: Introduction to Jesus’ Sermon on Mount of Olives, Mt.24-25 NEW SERIES
  289. The Coming of Christ in His Kingdom: Understanding Jesus Sermon on the End Times, Mt.24-25
  290. Christ’s Second Coming in Glory: The Ultimate Hope and Promise of Jesus Sermon on the End Times, Mt.24-25
  291. The Reasons for Christ’s Return in Glory, Mt.25:31
  292. Living by the Promise of Christ’s Return, Mt.24:3-14
  293. The Signs of the Times: Introduction to the Signs of the Times – Pt.1, Mt.24:3-14
  294. The Signs of Sin and the Opposition to Christ: The Signs of the Times – Pt.2, Mt.24:3-14
  295. The Signs of Christ’s Judgment: The Signs of the Times – Pt.3, Mt.24:6-8
  296. The Gospel’s Triumph in the World: The Signs of the Times – Pt.4, Mt.24;14
  297. The Blessings of the Gospel of Christ Promised to Every Believer, Mt.24:14
  298. Reformation and the Triumph of the Gospel, Mt.24:24
  299. How to be a Faithful Witness for Christ, Mt.24:14
  300. The Abomination of Desolation: Avoiding the Evils of Anti-Christian Idolatry, Mt.24:15
  301. The Flight of Faith and the Abomination of Desolation, Mt.24:15-22
  302. The Great Tribulation: A Solemn Reason for Christians to Flee Idolatry, Mt.24:21-22
  303. The Great Tribulation and the False Prophets of the Antichrist, Mt.24:23-28
  304. The Coming of Christ in Glory on the Last Day, Mt.24:29-31
  305. The Glory of Christ at His Second Coming, Mt.24:30-31
  306. Christ’s Solemn Warnings: Preparing for Christ’s Second Coming, Mt.24:25
  307. The Certainty of Christ’s Second Coming in Glory: Jesus’ Parable of the Fig Tree, Mt.24:32-36
  308. The Mystery of Christ’s Second Coming in Glory: Jesus’ Parable on the Flood, Mt.24:37-42
  309. The Immanency of Christ’s Second Coming in Glory: Jesus’ Teaching on the Thief in the Night, Mt.24:43-44
  310. The Coming Judgment of God: Jesus’ Warnings of Judgment, Introduction to Mt.24:45-25:31
  311. A Faithful and Wise Servant: Jesus’ Parable of the Two Servants – Pt.1, Mt.24:45-51
  312. Christ the Faithful and Wise Servant: Jesus’ Parable of the Two Servants – Pt.2, Mt.24:45-51
  313. The Marks of a Faithful and Godly Servant: Jesus’ Parable of the Two Servants – Pt.3, Mt.24:45-51
  314. Preparing to Meet the Bridegroom: Jesus’ Parable of the Ten Virgins – Pt.1, Mt.25:1-4
  315. Behold the Bridegroom is Coming: Jesus’ Parable of the Ten Virgins – Pt.2, Mt.25:5-9
  316. The Day of the Bridegroom’s Return: Jesus’ Parable of the Ten Virgins – Pt.3, Mt.25:10-13
  317. Trading Your Talents for the Lord: Jesus’ Parable of the Talents – Pt.1, Mt.25:14-18
  318. The Profit of Spiritual Trading: Jesus’ Parable of the Talents – Pt.2, Mt.24:14-23
  319. The Solemn Danger of a Bad Spiritual Investment: Jesus’ Parable of the Talents – Pt.3, Mt.24:24-30
  320. The Last Judgment: When Christ Returns to Judge the Nations, Mt.25:31-33
  321. Come Ye Blessed of My Father: The Welcome and Reception of the Saints to Glory – Pt.1, Mt.25:34-40
  322. Judgment for the Saints: The Welcome and Reception of the Saints to Glory – Pt.2, Mt.25:34-40
  323. The Saints who Enter Glory: The Welcome and Reception of the Saints to Glory – Pt.3, Mt.25:34-40
  324. Depart from Me You Cursed: The Final Judgment and Condemnation of the Wicked, Mt.25:41-46
  325. In the Shadow of the Cross: Jesus Prophecy of His Suffering and Glory, Mt.26:1-2 NEW SERIES
  326. The Cross and Glory of Jesus Christ the King, Introduction to Mt.26-28
  327. Christ’s Commitment to the Cross, Intro to Mt.26:1-35
  328. The Word of the Cross: Jesus Prophetic Witness to His Sufferings, Mt.26:1-2
  329. The Passover Plot to Crucify the Lord, Mt.26:3-4
  330. The Anointing of Christ the King for His Suffering and Burial: Mary’s Anointing of Jesus – Pt.1, Mt.26:6-13
  331. A Godly Woman’s Heart of Devotion to Christ: Mary’s Anointing of Jesus – Pt.2, Mt.26:5-13
  332. The Plot of Christ’s Betrayal: the Greed and Treachery of Judas, Mt.26:14-16
  333. Preparing the Passover for Christ: The Obedience of Christian Service, Mt.24:17-19 NEW SERIES
  334. The Glory of Christ in the Last Passover, Mt.26:19-20
  335. With Christ in the Upper Room, Mt.26:20
  336. Christ in the Service of the Last Supper, Mt.26:20
  337. The Prophecy of Christ’s Betrayal, Mt.26:20-25
  338. Communion with Christ: The Evidences of Union and Communion with Christ, Mt.26:26-30
  339. The Lord’s Supper and the Last Passover, Mt.26:26-30
  340. Learning Christ from the Lord’s Supper, Mt.26:26-30
  341. The Manifold Purpose of the Lord’s Supper, Mt.26:26-30
  342. The Lord’s Supper in Practice, Mt.26:26-30
  343. Remembering the Lord in the Lord’s Supper, Mt.26:26-30
  344. The Teaching of the Lord’s Supper, Mt.26:26-30
  345. The Prophecy of Christ’s Desertion: Deepening Your Love for the Lord in the Lord’s Supper, Mt.26:31-35
  346. Following the Lord Jesus in the Garden of His Suffering, Mt.26:36-38 NEW SERIES
  347. Praying with the Lord Jesus in the Garden of His Suffering, Mt.26:38-39
  348. Persevering with the Lord Jesus in the Garden of His Suffering, Mt.26:40-41
  349. Growing with the Lord Jesus in the Garden of His Suffering, Mt.26:42-46
  350. Christ Betrayed by a Kiss: Judas Betrayal of Jesus in the Garden of His Suffering, Mt.26:47-50
  351. Christ Dishonored by a Sword: Peter’s Disloyalty to Jesus in the Garden of His Suffering, Mt.26:51-54
  352. Christ’s Word and Testimony at His Arrest in the Garden of His Suffering, Mt.26:55-56
  353. The Trials of Christ’s Suffering before the Cross: Jesus at Trial – Pt.1, Intro to Mt.26:57-27:31 NEW SERIES
  354. Thoughts on Christ’s Trials and Condemnation: Jesus at Trial – Pt.2, Mt.26:57-27:31
  355. Christ Brought to Trial and Proven Righteous: Jesus at Trial – Pt.3, Mt.26:57-60
  356. There is No Fault in Jesus Christ: Jesus at Trial – Pt.4, Mt.26:60
  357. Christ’s Faithful Testimony at Trial: Jesus at Trial – Pt.5, Mt.26:60-64
  358. Christ’s Suffering and Sentence to Death: Jesus at Trial – Pt.6, Mt.26:64-68
  359. The Danger of Denying Christ: Peter’s Denial of the Lord at Trial – Pt.7, Mt.26:64-68
  360. The Way to Recovery and Restoration: Peter’s Repentance to the Lord at Trial, Mt.26:75
  361. Jesus Delivered Over to the Gentiles: Jesus at Trial – Pt.8, Mt.27:1-2
  362. Christ’s Betrayal by Judas, Pt.1: The Death and Downfall of Judas, Mt.27:3-5
  363. Christ’s Betrayal by Judas, Pt.2: The Money of Christ’s Betrayal, Mt.27:5-10
  364. Christ Standing in Judgment before Pilate, Mt.27:11-14
  365. Christ’s Glory and Kingship Rejected under Trial: Showing the Universal Depravity of Man, Mt.27:11-18
  366. Christ Condemned in the Place of Barabbas, Mt.27:15-23
  367. Christ the King Condemned to Suffer, Mt.27:24-26
  368. Christ’s Suffering from the Roman Soldiers, Mt.27:27-32
  369. Stop Whining and Remember Christ’s Suffering, Mt.27:27-31
  370. Christ Crucified: The Scene and Sorrow of Christ’s Crucifixion, Introduction to Mt.27:32-66 NEW SERIES
  371. The Virtue of Christ’s Dying Love on the Cross. Mt.27:32-66
  372. Learning from Christ’s Sufferings on the Cross, Mt.27:32-66 and 1 Peter 2:21
  373. Christ’s Way to the Cross: The Road to Christ’s Crucifixion, Mt.27:32-34
  374. Christ the King Crucified: The Record of Christ’s Crucifixion, Mt.27:35-37
  375. Remembering the Cross of Christ: The Spiritual Benefits of Keeping Christ in our Hearts, Mt.27:35-37
  376. The Offense of the Cross of Christ: Christ Mocked and Reviled by the Wicked at His Crucifixion, Mt.27:38-44
  377. Father Forgive Them: Jesus’1st Saying from the Cross, Luke 23:32-34
  378. Today You Will be With Me in Paradise: Jesus’ 2nd Saying from the Cross, Luke 23:32-43
  379. Woman Behold Your Son: Jesus’ 3rd Saying from the Cross, John 19:25-27
  380. My God, My God; Why Have You Forsaken Me: Jesus’ 4th Saying from the Cross, Mt.27:45-50
  381. I Thirst!: Jesus 5th Saying from the Cross, John 19:28-29
  382. It is Finished! Jesus 6th Saying from the Cross, John 19:30
  383. Father, Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit: Jesus 7th Saying from the Cross, Luke 23:44-46
  384. Christ’s Death on the Cross, Mt.27:50
  385. The Marks of a Good Servant: Showing the Saving Power of Christ’s Death in a Believer, John 12:26
  386. Signs and Wonders at the Cross, Mt.27:51-54
  387. Responding in Faith to Christ’s Suffering and Death on the Cross, Mt.27:54-56
  388. Christ’s Solemn Burial, Mt.27:57-61
  389. Christ’s Enemies at the Tomb, Mt.27:62-66
  390. Christ’s Resurrection and Exaltation as King, Introduction to Mt.28:1-20 NEW SERIES
  391. The Fourfold Witness to Christ’s Glorious Resurrection
  392. The Old Testament Witness to Christ’s Resurrection, Luke 24:25-27
  393. Christ’s Resurrection Foretold in His Own Life and Ministry, Luke 24:25-27
  394. The Glorious Nature of Christ’s Resurrection, 1 Cor.15:20-21
  395. Christ’s Resurrection and the Pillars of Christian Doctrine, Mt.28:1-10 and 1 Cor.15:1-4
  396. The Material Evidences of Christ’s Glorious Resurrection, Mt.28:1-10
  397. The Spiritual Evidences of Christ’s Glorious Resurrection, Mt.28:1-10
  398. Christ Rose Up for Us: Reasons for Rejoicing in Christ’s Resurrection, Rom.14:9
  399. The Personal Evidences of Christ’s Glorious Resurrection, Acts 1:3
  400. The Value of Apostolic Witness to Christ’s Resurrection, Acts 1:3
  401. Rising with Christ to Worship: Responding in Faith to Christ’s Resurrection, Mt.28:1-10
  402. Jesus Christ Preeminent by Virtue of His Resurrection, Col.1:18
  403. Christ the Model for Every Christian by Virtue of His Resurrection, Rom.8:29
  404. In Defense of Christ’s Resurrection Glory, Mt.28:11-15
  405. Defending Christ’s Resurrection to the Jews, Mt.28:11-15
  406. Defending Christ’s Resurrection against Heretics – Part 1: Answering the Skeptics, Mt.28:11-15
  407. Defending Christ’s Resurrection against Heretics – Part 2 Contending against the Cults, Mt.28:11-15
  408. The Resurrection Life: Living in the Light of Christ’s Resurrection Glory, Romans 14:7-9
  409. The Resurrection Way: Living by the Power of Christ’s Resurrection Glory, Eph.1:15-23
  410. Jesus Christ the King of Glory: The Greatness of the Great Commission, Introduction to Mt.28:16-20 NEW SERIES
  411. The Greatness of the Great Commission: An Overview, Mt.28:16-20
  412. The Fourfold Gospel Mission: The Great Commission Revealed in Each of the Four Gospels
  413. The Vital Importance of the Great Commission, Mt.28:16-20
  414. The Grace of Christ in the Great Commission, Mt.28:16-20
  415. The Great Commission: The Great Climax of Jesus Life and Ministry, Mt.28:16-20
  416. The King’s Final Charge: The Great Climax of Jesus’ Sermons, Mt.26:16-20
  417. The Creation Mandate and the Great Commission, Gen.1:26-28 and Mt.28:16-20
  418. Christ and the Great Commission Revealed in the Old Testament, Hebrews 1:1-3 and Mt.28:16-20
  419. The Great Commission for the Nations, Psalm 33:12 and Mt.28:16-20
  420. Worship and the Great Commission, Mt.28:16-20 and John 4:23-24
  421. Christ’s Sovereign Authority and the Great Commissions, Mt.28:16-20 and Daniel 7:13-14
  422. The Great Commission and the Gospel Ministry, Mt.28:16-20 and Eph.4:11-16
  423. The Great Commission and the Preaching of the Gospel, Mark 16:15-16
  424. Preaching Jesus Christ: The Heart of the Great Commission, Mt.28:16-20 and 2 Cor.4:5-6
  425. Preaching the Gospel to an Evil Generation, Mt.28:16-20
  426. Discipleship and the Fundamentals of the Faith, Mt.28:16-20 and John 8:31-32
  427. The Call to Discipleship. Mt.28:16-20 and Mt.16:24
  428. Discipleship and the Church of Christ, Mt.28:16-20 and Acts 2:41-42
  429. Discipling the Nations: Bringing the Nations to Christ, Mt.28:16-20 and Psalm 22:27-28
  430. Discipling Your Children for Christ, Mt.28:16-20 and Eph.6:4
  431. The Blessings of Christian Discipleship, Mt.28:16-20 and John 8:12
  432. The Virtue of Christian Discipleship: The Great Value of Being a Disciple of Christ, Mt.28:16-20 and John 8:12
  433. Holy Baptism: The Covenant Seal of Christian Discipleship, Mt.28:16-20 and 1 Peter 3:21
  434. The Holy Trinity: Baptism and the Theological Foundation of Christian Discipleship, Mt.28:16-20 and 2 Cor.13:14
  435. Teaching Christ’s Word and Commandments: The Forgotten Work of the Great Commission, Mt.28:16-20
  436. Obedience to Christ’s Word and Commandment: The Goal of the Great Commission, Mt.28:16-20 and John 14:15
  437. Christ’s Holy Presence with His People: The Great Promise of the Great Commission, Mt.28:20
  438. Bearing Witness to Christ’s Resurrection Glory The Testimony of the Great Commission, Mt.28:16-20
  439. The Evidences of Christ’s Presence with His People, Mt.28:20 and John 15:10
  440. The Great Commission to the End of the Age, Mt.28:16-20 and Daniel 2:44
  441. Christ Victorious at the End of the Age, Mt.28:16-20 and 1 Cor.15:20-28
  442. A Faithful Witness for Christ: The Great Commission and Your Personal Testimony, Mt.29:16-20 and Acts 1:8
  443. Apologetics and the Great Commission: Defending the Faith in a World of Unbelief, Mt.28:16-20
  444. The Great Commission and the Fortress of Divine Truth, Mt.28:16-20 and 2 Tim.1:13-14*

Brett Woody, Pastor-Teacher