On True Revival

This is a series of 24 sermons on the Biblical foundations of true revival. One of the most important things the church needs and that Christians should be daily praying for is true spiritual revival, where God would pour out His Spirit on the church and bring the lost to repentance and saving faith in Christ as well as a greater faith, love, hope, and conviction of the truth of Scripture and sound doctrine in His people. The church languishes and the world perishes without God-sent revival. And it is very sad that most Evangelical and Reformed pastors have no interest in preaching the Word of God that would in any way promote revival. In fact, most professing Christians in Reformed denominations would take offense at the type of preaching during the Great Awakening by George Whitefield as well as Jonathan Edwards. It is because of this hard-hearted and Liberal view of preaching today that so many Christian marriages and families are broken, so many youths are prodigals and apostate, so many patterns of sin and idolatry are widespread in the church, and so many pastors and church officers are grossly ignorant of Scripture and sound doctrine.

  1. The Distinguishing Marks of True Revival, John 16
  2. The Meaning of True Revival, Psalm 85
  3. Hindrances to True Revival, Pt.1, Psalm 85
  4. Hindrances to True Revival, Pt.2, Psalm 85
  5. The Urgent Need for Revival, Psalm 80
  6. In Defense of Revival, Psalm 80
  7. The Sovereignty of God in Revival, Acts 2
  8. Christ Preeminent in Revival, Acts 2
  9. The Holy Spirit in Revival, Zech.4:6
  10. The Blessings of True Revival, Ezek.34:26
  11. Expecting Revival, Hosea 14
  12. A Call to Prayer for National Revival, 2 Chron.7:14
  13. The Characteristics of True Revival, Acts 2
  14. A Call for Revival: Arise my Love and Come Away, Song 2:10-13
  15. The Springtime of Revival, Song 2:10-13
  16. The Purpose of God in Revival, Psalm 67
  17. Praying for Revival, Psalm 67
  18. The Marks of Counterfeit Revival, Titus 1:9-16
  19. The Steps to Personal Revival, Psalm 138:7
  20. Singing Praise to God: A Sign of Spiritual Revival, Isa.35
  21. The Pursuit of Revival and Putting God First, Deut.6
  22. Evangelism and Revival, Acts 2
  23. Revival and the Church, Acts 2
  24. On Rebuke and Revival, Rev.3:18-19

Brett Woody, Pastor-Teacher