Principles of a Godly Marriage and Family

This is a series of 40 sermons based on Eph.5-6 that is designed for helping Christians to bring godly reformation and spiritual blessing to their marriages and families. Over 25 years of ministry, I have preached this series of sermons on two separate occasions knowing full well the grave difficulties Christians have in experiencing God’s blessing in their marriages and in the raising of godly children in the turbulent and sinful generation that we live in. I can only say that I am deeply saddened by the fact that many people did not take make counsel from these sermons when they should have. It is not too late though for those who really want to pursue godliness and reformation for the sake of Christ and their families.

  1. Biblical Principles for Family Reformation
  2. The Principles of a Godly Christian Family
  3. A Godly Wife’s Submission to Her Husband
  4. A Godly Wife’s Ministry to her Husband
  5. Christ’s Sacrificial Love for His Bride
  6. A Godly Husband’s Sacrificial Love
  7. So Husbands Ought to Love their Wives
  8. A Glorious Church
  9. A Godly Husband’s Ministry to His Wife
  10. The Marriage Covenant Sanctified
  11. The Blessing of Covenant Children
  12. The Obedience of Covenant Children
  13. Christ Preeminent over Parents
  14. Christ’s Favor to Little Children
  15. The Blessing of Christ’s favor to Our Children
  16. The Basics of Biblical Parenting
  17. Bring Up Your Children in the Knowledge of the Lord
  18. Bring Up Your Children in the Ways of the Lord
  19. How to Really Raise Your Children for Christ*
  20. Family Worship in the Christian Home
  21. Family Love in the Christian Home
  22. Family Friends and the Christian Home
  23. Models of Biblical Friendship
  24. A Faithful Friend and Counselor
  25. Raising Godly Youth
  26. A Prayer for Sons
  27. A Prayer for Daughters
  28. The Abomination of Abortion*
  29. The Evils of Contraception
  30. The Marks of a Holy Family
  31. A Word of Encouragement for Grandparents

Brett Woody, Pastor-Teacher