Strengthening Your Marriage in Christ

This is a series of lessons on marriage that is designed for helping Christians to strengthen their marriages in Christ, as well as bring peace and reconciliation where there is sin, bitterness, division, and the threat of divorce. It is more practical than the series of sermons and deals with many issues that trouble marriages today; problems related to sin, bitterness, sexual immorality, finances, communication, submission, sacrifice, decision making, and the importance of forgiveness, reconciliation, and peace in marriage. This series is more directly related to my counseling ministry in helping Christian couples with growing in Christ together in their marriages and families. One of my greatest joys as a pastor is to provide Biblical counsel to married couples and their families, to reconcile broken marriages, to heal wounded families, to instruct and encourage Christian parents in godly and Biblical discipleship and schooling practices, to raise their kids for Christ by the nurture and admonition of the Lord, the practice of daily family worship, overcoming patterns of sin, and encouraging believers in a life of faith and love to Christ. I counsel all sorts of Christians from all over the world from many different Evangelical and Reformed denominations, including pastors and Christian leaders. And while I always speak the truth, I try to do so in love. Exo.18:19-21; Deut.6: Joshua 24; Psalm 127-128; Prov.11:14, 12:15; Gal.6:1; 1 Ephesians; Colossians; Thess.5:11-28; 2 Thess.2:16-17; 2 Tim.3:16-17.

  1. Foundations of a Godly Christian Marriage
  2. Cultivating a Godly and Happy Marriage
  3. The Fruits of the Spirit in Your Marriage
  4. A Godly Wife’s Submission
  5. A Godly Husband’s Sacrifice
  6. The Duties of Marriage
  7. Loving One Another in Christ
  8. Communicating with One Another in Love
  9. Practical Things to Strengthen Your Marriage
  10. The Godly Ordering of Your Finances
  11. Sexual Intimacy for a Godly Marriage
  12. Reflecting Christ in Your Marriage
  13. The Importance of Forgiveness in Marriage
  14. Making the Right Decisions for Your Marriage
  15. Marriage and the Building of Your Family
  16. Marriage and the Raising of Your Children
  17. How to Handle Sin and Failure
  18. How to Handle Adultery
  19. How to Handle Divorce
  20. Hope in Marriage is in Christ
  21. A Loving Marriage with an Unbelieving Spouse
  22. Reclaiming God’s Mission for Your Marriage

Brett Woody, Pastor-Teacher