All of my works are as filthy rags, but Christ’s works in and through me by His grace are many; and they are all designed to preach Christ, expound the Word of God, and teach sound doctrine, in order to save the lost, sanctify and comfort believers, strengthen Christian families, defend the Gospel, refute false religion, build up godly Christian leaders, reform the church, and glorify God. For anyone who knows me and my preaching and teaching, my sermons are filled with Biblical exposition, strong Reformed doctrine, numerous quotes from Scripture as well as the Reformers and Puritans, and practical exhortations on living for Christ and His glory.

After 25 years of ministry, (from 1995-2019) preaching and teaching the Word of God, I am intending to place on this website most of my life’s works free to the public, for pastors and Christians to use for their instruction in the knowledge of God and sound Christian doctrine for their spiritual blessing. This will include over 2000 sermons, 500 lectures and over 100 books related to Biblical Exposition, Old and New Testament Survey, Systematic Theology, The Christian Life, Christian Education, Marriage and the Family, Family Worship, Evangelism, Apologetics, Polemics, the Reformed Confessions and Catechisms, World and Church History, Politics and Public Policy, and other subjects as well. I have been studying all of these subjects for over 30 years and have been putting together a comprehensive atlas of Christian knowledge from a thoroughly Puritan and Reformed view. You can see on the various tabs of the website the comprehensive nature of my preaching and teaching over the years demonstrating the comprehensive nature of the teaching of Scripture and the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Why haven’t I published any of my books or sermons yet? There are several reasons. 1. I am continually updating, expanding, and revising my works. Yes, they are already very large. But I am continually revising them. 2. I am too busy preaching and teaching and counseling to be dealing with book publishers and edits. Maybe in the future, I will find someone to do it for me? 3. I don’t want to ruin my marriage and family by busying myself with editing books and dealing with book publishers as many other pastors have. I could sadly give you many examples even among the best of Evangelical and Reformed pastors. 4. I despise the greed and covetousness associated with modern book publishing and the pastors who profit from bookselling. It is a great evil. 5. The best Christian books available to read are the Reformers and Puritans, and they can all be obtained for free on the internet. 6. Most of my works are in the form of sermons and lectures and are best profited by from listening than from reading. Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and keep it.” 7. And finally book publishers today do not like publishing Puritan works that are massive and that condemn idolatry and false religion. Even Reformed book publishers have sadly accommodated to the religious pluralism of the modern world, and so they seek to market books to sell that are often cheap and worthless.

When I do have the time and opportunity, I may eventually publish them on my own.  Here is a list of the major works I have done that I hope to make available here on the internet and maybe in the future in book form.

1. Loving God and Knowing that You are Loved: A Treatise on the Love of God which consists of 80 sermons on Mt.22:37-38 (between 1200-1500 pages) in 2 volumes: 1. Loving God. 2. God’s Saving Love). This is my greatest work and love, the largest theological treatise on the Love of God ever written. Martin Luther said that his most important work was his Commentary on Galatians. He called it his Katie, after his beloved wife. Every past and theologian has their favorite. John Calvin said, not surprisingly, that his greatest work was his Institutes of the Christian Religion. Henry Bullinger considered his greatest work The Decades: 50 sermons on Christian Doctrine. In a similar manner, I would consider this work on Loving God, my Lori Ann!

2. Learning Christ and Living for His Glory: A Treatise on the Christian Life – consisting of 150 sermons on almost every aspect of the Christian life. This would comprise approximately 2500 pages – or 5 volumes of 500 pages each). This is one of the largest works that I have done. It is the largest and most systematic work written on the Christian Life. It is a contemporary Puritan vision of the Christian life. It is best to listen to these in sermon form than to read them.

3. An Exposition of the Gospel of Matthew in 440 sermons. This is my largest work ever accomplished. At 440 sermons it would consist in book form of between 6000-7000 pages, or 10 volumes of 600 pages each. This is, in fact, the largest commentary on the Gospel of Matthew every written; and it is a comprehensive digest of Reformed and Puritan exposition on the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ revealed in the Gospel of Matthew. It is a series of morning sermons preached over a period of 10 years. I had the benefit of using Matthew Henry, John Calvin, Augustine, John Gill, David Dickson, John MacArthur, and many modern commentaries to great advantage. But the work is entirely unique as a Biblical and pastoral defense of Reformed theology. Within this series of 440 sermons, there are numerous smaller books including 1. Christ on the Mount: An Exposition of the Sermon on the Mount in 90 sermons, or approximately 1500 pages. This is in itself a treatise on the Christian Life and the foundations of Christian Discipleship. 2. The Way to True Happiness: An Exposition of the Beatitudes in 15 sermons (200 pages). 3. Praying for God’s Glory: An Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer in 20 sermons (300 pages). 4. True Worship: A Treatise on True Worship and a Rebuke of Idolatry and Superstition from Mt.15 in 20 sermons (300 pages). 5. The Hallmarks of a Reforming Mission, Mt.10. 8. Come to Jesus: A series of 10 sermons on Mt.11. 6. The Courage of Confessing Christ, from Mt.16. 7. Christ’s Teaching on His Second Coming, 20 Sermons on Mt.24-25. 8. Communion with Christ: A Practical Treatise on The Lord’s Supper – 20 sermons (in 300 pages). 8. Christ Crucified: A Treatise on the Suffering and Death of Jesus Christ the Son of God – in 40 sermons on Mt.26-27 (600 pages). “We may behold with what manner of love that Christ loved when we behold in Christ’s suffering the manner in which He died.” Prepare to pour out many tears when you listen to this series. 10. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ the Son of God – a series of 40 sermons on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in Defense of the Faith from Mt.28 (approximately 700 pages. This will likely also become a part of my work on Apologetics. It is a Biblical, prophetical, theological, devotional, and historical defense and explanation of Jesus resurrection. It is the largest Biblical defense of the resurrection of Jesus Christ ever done. This work also refutes the Neo-Orthodox theology of N.T. Wright and his work on the same subject. 11. The Greatness of the Great Commission – consisting of 30 sermons on the Great Commission from Mt.28:18-20 (approximately 500 pages).

4. The Trial and Triumph of the Church: An Exposition of the Book of Acts. This series is ongoing. It presently covers the first half of the book Acts 1-12 in 190 sermons. It is the most definitive and comprehensive exposition of the Book of Acts thus far. It is a thoroughly unique and positively Puritan and Reformed look at the Acts of the Apostles that shows how Luke’s record of the events of the Early Church and the lives of the apostles Peter and Paul are written after the fashion of Christ’s own life and ministry as well as His death and resurrection. In other words, Jesus is teaching us by the book to, “Take up your cross and follow Me.”

5. A Survey of the Old Testament: A Treatise on the Canon, the Contents, the Unity, and Theology of the Old Testament and its Testimony to Jesus Christ – in over 80 lectures. This work is ongoing. It will eventually consist of between 1200-1500 pages. This is a Puritan overview of the Old Testament that magnifies the glory of Christ and further shows how the Old Testament is grossly misunderstood and misrepresented in Evangelicalism today.

6. A Survey of the New Testament: A Treatise on the Canon, the Contents, the Unity, and Theology of the New Testament and its Testimony to Jesus Christ – in over 80 lectures. This work is also ongoing and will eventually consist of 1200-1500 pages. This is my attempt to bring a distinctly Puritan vision to New Testament scholarship that is being subverted today by Neo-Orthodox heretics like N.T.Wright.

7. Apologetics to the Glory of God: A Treatise on Defending the Christian Faith – 100 sermons on 1 Pet.3:15. This is a work still in progress that will Lord willing eventually be 2000 pages – 4 volumes of 500 pages each). I have turned Van Til and John Frame (my mentor in apologetics) into Puritan style sermons for pastors as well as Christians.

8. Building a Godly Marriage and Family: 50 sermons on Marriage and the Family from Eph.5-6. (800 pages – 2 volumes of 400 pages each). This was part of my exposition of Ephesians, and intended as the modern version of William Gouge for reforming Christian marriages and their families! One of the greatest problems in the Church today is the breakdown of the family.

9. The Triumph of God’s Grace: A Treatise on the Doctrines of Grace in 30 sermons (approximately 500 pages). This is a defense of Reformed theology (the 5 Points of Calvinism) in Puritan style sermons with a pastoral emphasis.

10. The Godly Pursuit of Reformation: A series of 80 sermons (that will consist of approximately 1200 pages). This series is most recent and is a defense of the Biblical Reformation against the growing spiritual downgrade in Evangelical and Reformed denominations. It is based somewhat on John Calvin’s work on The Necessity of Reforming the Church.

11. Living for God’s Glory: A Treatise on the Pursuit of God’s Glory in 2 parts. This includes: Pt.1: The Pursuit of God – A Treatise on the First Commandment in 50 sermons (around 800 pages). Living for God’s Glory, Pt.2: The Pattern of Sound Doctrine – A Treatise on the Five Solas of the Reformation in 50 sermons (around 800 pages). Taken together this two-volume work of sermons would be approximately 1600 pages or 4 volumes of 400 pages each.

12. The Wrath of God: A Treatise on God’s Anger against Sin and Idolatry and the Manifestation of His Judgments in Natural Calamities – in 15 sermons. This is a small work that is continually being revised and updated. It will consist of approximately 250 pages. This little book is one of the most revealing and important for this sinful generation that we live in today. This book will also open your eyes to many things you are totally unaware of as a believer. Did you know that the primary cause of death in the world is God’s wrath revealed in natural disasters? Plagues, fires, earthquakes, wars, famines, storms, disease!  This is what Jesus warned in Mt.24!

13. Politics to the Glory of God: A Treatise on Reforming Civil Government – which consists of 30 sermons (approximately 500 pages). This includes 10 sermons on Christ’s Sovereignty over Politics; 8 sermons on the 2016 Election in defense of President Trump, as well as 2 famous sermons: Crooked Hillary Clinton, the High-Priestess of the Demonic Party and their Cult of Death, and God Glorified in the Downfall of Wicked Magistrates. This series is very important for the Church today in that it explains Politics and Civil Government from a Biblical and Reformed perspective. This series is also ongoing and being edited.

14. Christ and the Law: A Treatise in Defense of the Law of God – in 40 sermons (or approximately 600 pages). This includes a thorough defense of the abiding validity of the Ten Commandments, the use of the Law in the Church and the Christian life; as well as a thorough refutation of the evil of Antinomianism and the theology of cheap grace that is widespread in the church today.

15. The Fullness of the Glory of Christ: An Exposition of Ephesians in 120 sermons, or approximately 1500 pages. This is a series of evening sermons over a period of 3 years. There are several smaller books taken from this series. Each chapter could actually be published as a separate book: 1. God glorified in Man’s Redemption: Sermons on Eph.1. 2. Saved by Grace: Sermons on Eph.2. 3. The Truth of the Gospel: Sermons on Eph.3. 4. Sanctified in Christ: Sermons on Eph.4-5. 5. Building a Godly Marriage and Family: 50 sermons on Marriage and the Family from Eph.5-6. This was mentioned before. (800 pages – 2 volumes of 400 pages each). 6. The Christian Warfare: 20 Sermons on Eph.6. or 350 pages.

16. The True Bounds of Christian Liberty: An Exposition of Galatians – in 80 sermons (1200 pages). This also includes several smaller works including: The Fruits of the Spirit in 20 sermons (300 pages).

17. The Sufficiency of Christ: An Exposition of Colossians in 50 sermons.

18. Joy and Godliness: An Exposition of Philippians in 60 sermons. This can also be broken down into smaller books: Rejoicing in Christ; A Life of Humility; Suffering for Christ with Joy; Christ’s Humiliation and Exaltation; A Life of Godly Contentment.

19. A Practical Guide to Biblical Reformation: An exposition of Titus in 50 sermons.

20. The Glory of Christ – in 30 sermons (500 pages)

21. The Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity – 10 sermons (150 pages)

22. Philemon: Reconciliation – 12 sermons (170 pages)

23. Early Church History: A Series of 24 lectures

24. The Life and Theology of Augustine: A series of 10 lectures.

25. The Work of the Holy Spirit – 12 sermons (150 pages)

26. True Revival – A series of 24 sermons (200 pages)

27. Spiritual Discernment – A series of 15 sermons (200 pages)

28. Refuting False Religion – 30 sermons (400 pages)

29. Refuting False Teachers in the Church – 20 sermons (300 sermons)

30. The Prophets and their Message – 20 sermons (300 pages)

31. Milk for Babes: A Children’s Catechism

32. Meat for Disciples: A Family Catechism

33. The Heidelberg Catechism revised and improved

34. The Westminster Shorter Catechism – in 52 Lectures

35. The Westminster Larger Catechism – 125 Brief Lesson Outlines

36. The Westminster Confession: An Exposition in 40 Lectures

And many others