In the Defense of the Bible

This is a series of sermons on Apologetics that deals with the internal and external testimony of the Bible in the defense of the Bible’s inerrancy, infallibility, unity, clarity, perfection, and glory. It is in some ways a preface or an appendix to my two separate works on Old and New Testament Survey. This apologetical defense of the divine perfection and infallibility of Holy Scripture comes with a thorough Scriptural argument in the defense of a Puritan and Reformed view of the Bible and sound doctrine and its use for the Christian life and the reformation of the church. It is written not only as a short treatise on the nature and perfections of Holy Scripture, but also in response to the many distortions and misrepresentations that are often made about the Bible by atheists, cults, and deviant forms of Christianity including Liberals, Roman Catholics, Neo-Orthodox heretics, Broad Evangelicals, and Pentecostals. One of the great evils in the church today, and especially among pastors, is the gross ignorance there is of the Word of God. In Hosea 4 the Lord says, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” This is sadly true today. The church is being destroyed by ignorance of the Word of God. It is by knowing Christ and His word that we are sanctified in the truth and the love of God, and further armed against the growing influence of idolatry and false religion. When finished this series will comprise a book of approximately 600-700 pages.

  1. The Incomparable Glory of the Bible
  2. The Inspired Contents of the Bible
  3. The Saving Message of the Bible
  4. The Glory of Christ in the Bible
  5. The Essential Truths of the Bible
  6. The Covenantal Unity of the Bible
  7. The Place of the Old Testament in the Bible
  8. The Place of the New Testament in the Bible
  9. The Great Importance of the Bible
  10. The Great Importance of Knowing the Bible
  11. The Revelational Necessity of the Bible
  12. The Sovereign Purpose of God for the Bible
  13. The Authoritative Testimony of the Bible
  14. The Prophetic Witness of the Bible
  15. The Role of Prophecy in the Bible
  16. The Plenary Inspiration of the Bible
  17. The Absolute Inerrancy of the Bible
  18. The Divine Authority of the Bible
  19. The Brilliant Clarity of the Bible
  20. The Infallible Truth of the Bible
  21. The All-Sufficient Nature of the Bible
  22. The Historical Integrity of the Bible
  23. The Textual Integrity of the Bible
  24. The Great Importance of Translating the Bible
  25. The Various Translations of the English Bible
  26. The Scientific Truthfulness of the Bible
  27. The Incomparable Depths of the Bible
  28. The Inspirational Genius of the Bible
  29. The Divine Preservation of the Bible
  30. The Love of God Revealed in the Bible
  31. The Law of God Established in the Bible
  32. The Moral Purity of the Bible
  33. The Unparalleled Superiority of the Bible
  34. The Miraculous Power of the Bible
  35. The Lord’s Testimony to the Bible
  36. The Extraordinary Influence of the Bible
  37. The Transforming Power of the Bible
  38. The Church’s Testimony to the Bible
  39. The Ecclesiastical Heritage of the Bible
  40. The Holy Spirit’s Witness to the Bible
  41. The Scriptural Principles Necessary for Interpreting the Bible
  42. The Great Spiritual Value of the Bible
  43. The Reforming Virtue and Power of the Bible
  44. The Evil and Danger of Misrepresenting the Bible
  45. The Damnable Evil of Prostituting the Bible
  46. The Great Importance of Distributing the Bible
  47. The Right and Godly Use of the Bible
  48. The Best Schedule for Reading the Bible
  49. The Reformed Confessions on the Bible
  50. The Everlasting Glory of the Bible

Brett Woody, Pastor-Teacher